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A Traveler’s Guide To The Best Restaurants In Malta – Youqueen

Great food is part of the joy of traveling. Here are some of the best restaurants in Malta, plus our recommended dishes for each. As they say in Malta, L-Ikla it-tajba! Vacationing in Malta? Prepare your taste buds for a diverse assortment of delicacies, both rustic and refined. This tiny island nation serves fresh seafood,

5 Things You Absolutely Must Do When In Rome

Rome is the most picturesque place in Europe. Don’t forget to visit these five most attractive locations there and make your holiday unforgettable. There is no place like Rome. The legend says that those who visit this city always return with passion and enthusiasm because such beauty, art and fashion are rarely found in one

How Teaching Abroad Makes Me A Resounding Advocate To Educate

Teachers who teach abroad bridge gaps in their students’ education. They do so by offering alternative perspectives on life and the world around us, which makes them great advocates for education. Traveling is a good way to get an education, but it is also a good way to educate others. Disney says, “It’s a small

Traditional Dutch Food And Restaurants In Amsterdam

While the Dutch are not known for their cuisine, there are some Dutch foods everyone should try at least once. Here’s where to nosh, dine, and nibble in one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The Dutch are notorious for certain things: their adherence to schedules, affinity for bicycles, liberal laws and lifestyle, tulips and

10 Relaxation Tips To Keep You Calm As You Fly On

Flying gives a lot of people the spooks. In fact, 25% of travelers are nervous fliers to some extent. Here’s your little relaxation guide. Fear of flying doesn’t stop many from traveling, but it sure causes a lot of sleepless nights and knots in the stomach before trips no matter how excited a person is

Things To Do In Hawaii To Feel Aloha And Have Fun

Volcanoes, beaches, and luaus… oh my! Here are some of the top fun things to do in Hawaii to make your trip unforgettable! Hawaii is celebrating 55 years of statehood this year giving you yet another reason to visit this gorgeous state. Yes, it’s easy to forget that you’re actually still in the United States

How To Travel With Friends Without The Hassle

Traveling with friends can be an exciting adventure, but planning such a trip can be overwhelming. These tips will help you and your pals have the best traveling experience possible. Do you ever see pictures of groups of friends taking on the world together? They look like they’re having a blast, and they probably are!

4 Amazing Things You Must Do In Belize – Youqueen

Planning a trip to the amazing country of Belize? Here are 4 things that should definitely be on your to-do list. I have travelled all over the world but one of my very favourite parts of the world remains Central America. I’ve been to both Costa Rica and, more recently, Belize. I recommend both be

The 5 Best All-inclusive Resorts In Cancun For Adults Only – Youqueen

Family vacations are nice – but not when you really just want to get away with a special someone. Check out these adults-only resorts for romantic south-of-the-border getaways. Cancun. Just the name of this tropical Mexican resort conjures images of white beaches, luscious cocktails, and dirty dancing under the stars. There’s something about this exotic destination that

10 Reasons Your Best Friend Is Your Perfect Travel Buddy

Solo travel has been all the rage lately, but let’s be real. Some of us are just not really into that. This is why your best friend is the travel buddy you will have the most fun with. I’ve traveled alone in order to contemplate my life’s purpose. I’ve connected with family members on cruise