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Netflix Introduces New Parental Controls

Netflix is introducing new parental controls in an effort to bolster its appeal to parents. With Netflix’s userbase growing, and children being trusted with their own profiles, this is a good way of ensuring kids aren’t watching anything inappropriate. Parents generally don’t want their children watching TV shows and movies aimed at adults. Unfortunately, the

Firefox Quantum Arrives To Challenge Google Chrome

Mozilla has released Firefox 57, codenamed Quantum, into the wild. This is the most ambitious version of Firefox released in a long time. It’s faster, better-looking, more streamlined, and more useful, and it may be able to give Chrome a run for its money. It certainly uses less RAM. In terms of web browsers, Firefox

Imzy, The Friendlier Reddit, Is Shutting Down

Imzy, the self-styled friendlier alternative to Reddit, is shutting down. Imzy’s raison d’être was to offer a nicer, safer environment for people to communicate. So, given its demise, it appears people are perfectly happy with the slightly more rambunctious nature of other social media sites. Reddit has to be one of the foundations of the

You Can Now Play Games On Facebook Messenger

Facebook has launched a new cross-platform gaming service called Instant Games. This lets you play games on the main Facebook app, in your Facebook News Feed, or on Facebook Messenger. And, thanks to HTML5, this is all without the need to download any extra apps or plugins. More than 1 billion people now use Facebook

Facebook Bans All Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Ads

Facebook has banned all ads for cryptocurrency from the social network. Including those for Bitcoin, the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies that has made a handful of people rich beyond their wildest dreams, and the rest of us pondering what could have been if only we’d invested sooner. Investing in cryptocurrency is a risky endeavor, and don’t

You Can Now Create Your Own Prisma Filters

Despite already being all kinds of brilliant, Prisma keeps on getting better. Prisma recently added Profile and Feed tabs in order to bolster its social networking credentials. Now, Prisma is focusing on the filters which help users turn their photos into literal works of art. For the uninitiated, Prisma is one of a handful of

The Amazon Echo Look Gives You Fashion Advice

Amazon has launched another piece of hardware, but this one does something different than the Echo, Tap, and Dot smart speakers. The Amazon Echo Look is an Alexa-powered camera designed to dole out fashion advice to those who need it. Useful? Probably. Narcissistic? Definitely. It may have started life as an online bookseller, but these

Google Faces New Critics, Steve Ballmer Leaves Microsoft, And More… [tech News Digest]

Also, Twitter deals with the dead, an (almost) non-existent smartphone bezel, Netflix pays the price, HitchBOT completes his journey, and an insane (possibly fake) viral video phenomenon. Google Faces Multiple Critics Fightin words from Mozilla dev! “Google is bent on establishing platform domination unlike anything we’ve ever seen” — Stephen Shankland (@stshank) August 19,