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Klip Video: An App To Share Mobile Videos With Friends [ios]

All smartphone users use their device to record video. But uploading the video usually means first transferring it to a computer and then uploading it on the web. Here to make matters much easier for iOS device owners, is an app called Klip Video. Klip Video is a community-based video-sharing application. The Klip network includes

How To Save Battery In Ios With This Low Power Mode Trick

When iOS 9 came out last year, a few great battery saving tricks came with it. One of these best features is low power mode. While your phone will prompt you to turn low power mode on once your battery hits 20 percent, there’s no reason to wait that long. Rather than delve into your Settings

Why Hevc And Heif Are Great News For Mac And Iphone Users

In the deluge of WWDC announcements, there was the brief mention of a technology that is going to save you a ton of space on your devices: HEVC and HEIF. These are two file formats, one for video and one for photos, respectively. Apple is already building these into hardware and software on iOS and the Mac,

Top 11 Ios Photo Editing Apps For Tweaks, Filters & Artwork

The default iOS Photos app has tons of photo editing options. Fortunately if you like tweaking your photos further, there are many more free and paid apps to get the job done, turn them into artwork, and make you looking stunning. Keep in mind that not even the best photo editing app can salvage a badly-taken photo. It’s therefore worth spending a

A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Ios 11 For Iphone & Ipad

So you’ve just bought your first iPhone or iPad, and you’re a little unsure where to begin. Fortunately, smartphones aren’t that complicated and Apple’s are designed from the ground up with usability in mind. This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download A Complete Beginner’s Guide to iOS 11 for iPhone &

Givit: Instantly Shoot, Edit & Share Videos

Many tech geeks remember the Flip Mino. Before smartphones were the thing, Flip devices dominated portable video recording, allowing us to capture 720p video in the easiest way possible. Now, the developers of Flip Video are making a comeback with Givit. As a free download on the App Store, Givit lets you shoot and store

Flipboard Gets Optimized For The Iphone [news]

Flipboard, the magazine style reader app for the iPad, has finally been optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch. If you are a current fan of Flipboard you’re going to love the feel and navigation of the new version, and if you don’t have an iPad you’re going to welcome the clean user interface of

6 Ridiculous Iphone Accessories No One Should Ever Own

The iPhone is a wonderful device. It’s also a very popular one, which means a nearly limitless amount of third-parties are developing accessories in an attempt to capture some of the money from buyers. Some of them are awesome, like cases with batteries built-in, waterproof cases, headphones, docks and all that good stuff. There’s a