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Downloading Torrents On A Chromebook

One of the biggest complaints about Google’s Chromebooks in their lack of ‘regular’ software that Windows and Mac users are accustomed to. While we have long-espoused the virtues of stateless web-based computing, it is an unfortunate truth that if you require specialist software for your job or hobby then a Chromebook would not make an adequate

Master Tab Management In Chrome With These Built-in Features

Which came first: browser tabs or browser windows? I don’t know, but I do know how to keep them both in line. We previously showed you some incredible ways to manage tabs in Firefox. Now it’s time to master tab management in Chrome. Let’s see what’s possible without installing a single extension. We’ll show you a

Need To Use Skype? You Can Do That On A Chromebook

A lot of people like Chromebook. A lot of people love Skype. For those of you out there who have been told Skype can’t be used on Chromebook, I’m going to show you it can be done! What You Need To Set Up Skype Online Do you have a Microsoft account? If you’ve used Skype

7 Quick And Easy Translators For Firefox

What do you do when you come across a website that doesn’t have a version in your language? Or, what if you are working with someone who speaks another dialect? For various reasons, translation tools can be valuable in successful communications with others. There are, of course, Web-based tools and services that you can use,

Get Your Site Mobile-ready With 6 Free Emulators

In the past, we have looked at reasons and ways for testing your website, whether business or personal, on multiple desktop browsers. The importance of testing your site on different browsers ensures that your site looks and behaves correctly, no matter which browser it is being viewed on. The same goes for mobile browsers and

How To Change Gmail Appearance & Background Look

In one informal talk between MakeUseOf authors, everybody said that checking email is one of the few first things they do in the morning after waking up. Most people that I know always check their incoming messages regularly. Some even have to know their inbox status all the time that they have bought themselves a