I Used Vaseline (petroleum Jelly) On My Natural Hair & This Happened!

I hear feels soft already nah I’m not even bugging right now but and so one night I was taking my makeup off with Vaseline as usual I was moisturizing my face with Vaseline as usual and moisturizing my lips with Vaseline as usual it kind of dawned on me that I use Vaseline a lot okay petroleum jelly I wonder.

If Vaseline would work on my hair the way it moisturizes all these other parts of my body would it also moisturize my hair.

So that got my mind going and when I have a question I always google it I did a little bit of research on the benefits of petroleum in your hair mostly natural hair because I do have natural hair I found out a couple of things you have my handy-dandy oh la la basically gonna tell you some of the things.

That I found vaseline aka petroleum jelly moisturizes you’re here that’s shine and it.

Gets rid of split ends I never thought of using Vaseline in my hair for my split ends there are some things I want to mention before you go jumping up and.
Covering your whole entire head with Vaseline you.

Should only apply a small amount because it could be hard to take it out because it is a mixture of like minerals and oils just apply it once a week and the best time to use it is before bed so that’s exactly what I’m doing I’m only going to be.
Experimenting this one time.

For really does help my hair I’m also doing this before bed it is actually 12:41 a.
I should be sleeping but I don’t even sleep in till like 3 a.

sometimes so yeah I’m gonna be doing this as an overnight.

Thing to see if it really does work oh it doesn’t really moisturize your hair like a clean so don’t go and throw out your conditioner and think that oh my god I have this inexpensive magical Julie I really do have some dry so split and strands in my head and I do not want to cover here work so hard on my hair I’m gonna test this out today and I’m going to let you guys know how.

It goes so this is a little close up of my here just this is just sit see these split.

Ends man I mean I got some split ends up and down and it’s just.

Dry and oh I’ll be your guinea pig today basically what I’m gonna do I’m just gonna only apply order I did not wash my hair so it probably has like some oils in it but like old I’m just gonna apply some warm water I do.

Have a little cross see here one water works best on my hair so warm water with my spritz bottle start the show I.

Know it’s all beat up or whatever but feel.

Bad for me like I had some in there I told you I use Vaseline for everything twist up my hair tie it up go to bed and then I’ll be back the next day I’ll show you guys if there’s any type of difference in the filling of my hair there’s moisture if I see the split ends are kind of gone I don’t know we don’t see I’m even gonna check you know just check a little lens to see if it makes my hair grow a little bit overnight before we get into this video if.

You are new to my channel I’m sorry it’s not introducing myself my name is Rima Simone do a lot on this channel as you can see instead of subscribing so you don’t miss out on anything else okay I’m gonna be doing this in any particular way if I’m not my normal like.