Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Vitamin C? | The Makeup

Today on the makeup we’ll see how vitamin C actually works what it’s in and how you can add this MVP ingredient to your routine to reap the rewards when you’re sick you don’t feel 100% you might reach for a vitamin C packet or drink some Oh J to boost your immune system similarly if your skin is looking dull.

Blotchy or just not cute you can apply a vitamin C serum moisturizer spot treatment or.

Mask to boost your skin immunity even though people mostly associate this antioxidant with brightening vitamin C.

Has other great benefits too like collagen production helping with inflammation and protection from free.

Radicals from environmental aggressors like pollution and the Sun even though it’s an ingredient that’s been around for a while it’s still as popular as ever last year Pinterest said that vitamin C was by far the most searched ingredient on the platform you’ve probably seen it listed on product labels as ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid this is vitamin C in its most pure and potent form something to note about l-ascorbic acid specifically is that though it’s one of the most naturally active forms of vitamin.

C it’s also the most unstable meaning it can go bad quick and it can be irritating if you have sensitive skin vitamin C naturally occurs in the skin but it’s also found in veggies like broccoli and.

In groups like oranges Kiwi and pineapples the stability of vitamin C depends on its pH level the lower the pH the.

More stable it is science-y all and this is why you see a lot.

Of vitamin C serums that can also include pulic acid a plant-based antioxidant that helps enhance the stability of vitamin C.

This addition helps get the pH to a sweet spot so your product is ultimately more effective yay and on the.

Noticed ability if you can’t tell by now vitamin C is basically like an angry toddler super irritable and finicky in.

The wrong conditions you have to treat vitamin C products with.

Care to keep them from falling a bit and oxidizing.

You might have experienced this it’s when your favorite and probably pricey vitamin C serum turns from a clear liquid to yellow orange or even dark-brown if that happens say a prayer shoes here and toast you can however keep your vitamin C products fresh by storing them in a cool dark place I actually stash mine in the.

Fridge and don’t forget to tighten those lids since vitamin C is sensitive to air ah so it’s a good idea to look for vitamin C products that come in a dark air pump container if possible its efficacy basically starts to go down the toilet when you open the bottle and words the wise.

If your vitamin C starts smelling like hot dog water game over do not pass go do not collect $200 just trash it honey now topical vitamin C concentrations can typically range to a potent 20% although there is a debate between experts on what percentages you get to actually absorb into the skin if you’re a.

First timer though i’ts are just looking for something like maybe in the 5 to 10 percent range just to give your skin some time to adjust now some of my favorite vitamin C products.

Include keels powerful strength line reducing concentrate this one has 12.

5 percent vitamin C and it’s paraben free inside no if you haven’t seen our episode on parabens what are you doing go watch it also I love drunk elephant and their sea tango multivitamin eye cream and touches violet sea radiance mask now you can technically avoid all the baby mama oxidation drama by opting for an activated vitamin C aka.

A booster this is vitamin C in powder form for some you literally asked today to powder yourself before each use typically by shaking it these activated boosters.

Tend to have longer shelf lives in regular old vitamin C since like I said they do not oxidize due to the packaging hallelujah philosophy and Clinique make good boosters if you’re looking by the way now I want to.

Leave you with a few pro tips on how and when you can include vitamin C into your skincare routine you can use these products day or night but I suggest using them as a treatment after you cleanse and before.

You moisturize or apply SPF though some say you can use vitamin C products up to three times a.

Week and build up to daily use I actually just stick to twice a week because my skin like I just said vitamin C can be irritating to some and if it’s not driving with your skin and you need something less harsh to reduce dark spots specifically opt for a product with lightening abilities like alpha or butan kojic acid or niacinamide also check if your vitamin C product also contains vitamin E although it’s great for your skin and totally beneficial this can actually exacerbate breakouts for some okay friends that’s it for.

This episode will I be seeing ya next time no I gotta stop with the dad jokes please be sure to subscribe and leave a comment below I want to know do you have a favorite vitamin C product you swear by I know you do tell me and what are your tips were someone who is starting their vitamin C journey we all have had one and.

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