Doing My Makeup For The First Time W/ James Charles

I’ve got a sister beat that face what’s up guys it’s all saying I am back with another video and in today’s video if you read the title you already know what’s happening but in case you didn’t read it I’m going to be doing my own makeup for the first time well I’ve done my makeup like before but like.

Just messing around it looks like doodoo like my face right now and my yeah it just sucks but I’ve had my makeup done like if.
Once or twice or whatever for a party thing but like I.

It but today we’re going to be doing this because why not and yeah and I’m not just gonna do free makeup like you know I’m gonna be watching James Charles eye.

Sisters hi sisters hi sisters I like back-to-school tutorial thingy would you do before I get into specialist like button if you want to see if.

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Screen fill up me and here’s my social medias all of those and yeah let’s get into it so you probably also never gonna make up something when are you gonna hear as well I wanted.

To write it last night and bought some makeup and yeah.

It was expensive but you know what beauty hurts your wallet so there’s a mess see this is a little dry spot it won’t go away and I put lotion right every night and it just gets worse so yeah that’s fun and fresh yeah that’s so close to my face yeah I don’t need to see that but yes found the video I just get forward to sourcing you watch this video already okay so I can’t find my BB.

Cream but like let me my time I bought it I think here it is I don’t know how much too much I’m sure I gotta do my hair this one oh yeah I know I remember okay so we got this when I’m.

Loud breath don’t am I supposed to wash it first my shoes I burn it on my back now I got.

A sister beat that face there’s supposed to be this way am i doing my brush going is shoot freak I don’t know what this.

One was born what is this this is a powder brush up okay so what is this so he put.

It you know what I’m doing bro it’s not cakey bruh so I just realized while editing that.

There’s like my sister find out which is it looks like you not that looks like you just brushing my brows my router oh my God my eyebrows are they supposed to look like this fine I don’t know you told me I don’t know I don’t know I rose that’s family look there grandpa like everything else is a no-no maybe yeah maybe.

I’m so good that you can’t even tell.

Hashtag makeup guru James I’m coming for your job like coming for your career hashtag okay sister James is a highlighter but my cousin told me I need one so I got one and Frank got the that’s pretty he did use Burt’s.

Bees thingy but I got baby whoopsie yes crystal uh-huh just like a chapstick name so this is a look does it look good it really doesn’t look like anything wrong at all so it really doesn’t look like I have like anything on.

Tbh which is kind of sad so I just stir by sitting my time doing this but yeah if you like this video wants me doing more makeup like do more videos like this when I tried to do makeup or something you watched me do more videos like.

This way to do makeup or something like this and still sister and James’s career once again then specially like and subscribe comment down below and peace bitch.