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So that’s this my skin without anything on its morning time I just washed my face with some water and what’s up you don’t come too close to my camera buddy nobody wants to see your face back close so that’s gonna cold reflection you can see yourself that’s ones that don’t have a charger with me bro I’m filtered vlog.

Anyway so the battery died on my cameras I’m using another camera I really want to get this video out there to answer your question.
Guys on how to get this beautiful flawless skin.

I will show you my skin routine in.

The morning and at night but I’m showing this to you assuming you already one drink plenty of water number two you eat 80% plant-based diet that’s the key if.

You don’t have healthy gut you will not have healthy skin and number three I assume you never ever ever ever ever go to sleep with your makeup on right wonderful if all those things are correct again you may think I’m crazy but yes I use apple cider vinegar in the morning as a face wash although apple cider.

Acidic it actually helps me to regulate the pH balance of my skin it’s an excellent toner like I said and it can be used in all skin types it also has great antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so for oily and acne prone skin apple cider vinegar can help treat acne dry them out actually and reduce redness but for dry skin it can help exfoliate.

It and give it a natural glow and here’s what I do I mix about one part water in three parts apple cider vinegar in a small bowl using a cotton pad I apply it to my face since.

My skin doesn’t react to apple cider vinegar I do not wash it off I just let it soak in and then I apply my moisturizer but you may want to see how your skin fills and if there is any irritation just wash it off with some warm water awesome listen up if.

Tried apple cider vinegar on your skin you may want to take it slow and see how your skin feels first try mixing half and half half water half apple cider vinegar and gradually increase the amount of apple cider vinegar as your skin gets used to it oh and most.

Importantly before applying it onto your entire face tested on a small area of your skin and wait to see if.

There is any irritation like I already said my skin is dry for the most part and regular moisturizers just don’t do it for me I’ve tried a million different moisturizers in the past and they just didn’t feel right I found that pure oils work best for me and here are the oils that I use on pretty much daily.

Basis one of my favorite is rose hip oil I absolutely love it it.

Has this beautiful amber color it’s a thicker than olive oil and it soaks into your skin quickly it’s great for all skin types particularly aging in mature skin it’s high in essential fatty acids it can help produce spots dryness and fine lines it’s very important though try to get cold-pressed organic rosehip seed oil I will leave the link for the oil that I particularly like in the description box.

Below recently I bought hemp seed oil and I have to tell you that I’m not loving it as much as rosehip on my.

Face for some reason it just feels like it doesn’t motorize my skin as deeply I have to keep reapplying it every hour or so but again if you don’t have very dry skin like mine hemp seed oil might be great for you in fact a lot of people with oily skin I swear by this oil because it moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores and it actually balances the.

Oily skin and it’s very gentle I bought this mainly for the omega-3 and omega-6 content which is what I need for my psoriasis and my eczema for that purpose.

I think hemp seed oil is great and this is my good old friend extra extra virgin olive oil it works great on my skin it doesn’t smell that great so I just add a drop or two of a lavender essential oil or tea tree oil both are great for your skin and.

They both smell amazing clear although be very careful and try to find cold-press unprocessed olive oil and be careful with the essential oils because they’re very potent you can burn your skin easily a little bit goes a long way last but not least what I’ve learned over the years with my skin is to never over exfoliate I feel like there’s a lot of confusion going on with exfoliation and all these.

Titles like I’ve used baking soda for seven days and here’s what happened to my skin I feel like why would you do that to yourself nobody needs such harsh exfoliation baking soda can be very harsh on your skin.

Nobody needs that especially for for seven days I believe in simple and soft exfoliations and here’s what I used to exfoliate my skin it’s more of a mask but.

When I’m on the go I usually just rub it around and wash it off I use red Moroccan clay and activated charcoal simply mix Moroccan clay some water and some.

Charcoal into a paste if I have time I will apply it on my face and leave it for a few minutes as a mask if I do not have time I will just exfoliate my skin.

In small circular motions and wash it off that is it how simple was that by the way both Moroccan clay and charcoal are safe gentle and extremely good for treating blackheads breakouts and detoxifying your skin one downside to this is that activated charcoal can get very messy so I usually apply it right before.

I go to bed other than that these are great.

Products to have in your household they’re effective and inexpensive whether you’re gonna use them for.
Your overall health or for your.

Skin health so that was you guys two days worth of filming but I hope I answered your questions about my skincare routine that’s.

Pretty much all I do to my skin on a daily basis.

I have a different routine for makeup removing.

If you would like me to share that video please let me know again if you have any questions I’m here for you send me.

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