Xno Cosmetics Honest Review

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today’s video is going to be super fun we’re actually doing a review on an indie brand that had come across a few weeks back and the indie brand is called xno Cosmetics guys I know you have seen them a couple times on Instagram I mean it’s kind of hard not to come.
Across their gorgeous products but I actually had the opportunity.

To speak with the founder of xno cosmetics.

Her name is brandy she is such.

A pretty young sophisticated entrepreneur that she is she’s very sweet girl guys and I really am interested in all the.

Products that she’s released um so I’ve got some good news here today that’s why as you can tell I did my base first which I usually never do but for today for time sake.

And I really want to focus and spend time on her products I went ahead and did that first.

I have here today is a newly launched liquid lipstick collection and I have the entire collection right here in front of.

Me she’s got a whole bunch of shades in here versatile great for spring and fall which is amazing if you asked me and then I have one of her eyeshadow palettes right here.

Ritzy this palette is really really pretty guys I know I posted a picture about it on Instagram but here are the colors again super super pretty super bright this is a silver right here and I’m living for this gold shade if you guys didn’t see the.

Swatches I’m gonna go ahead and insert the swatches obviously so you guys can see what it looks like but what we’re going to do first is we’re going to figure out.

What kind of look we’re gonna go for today so I’m going to try some of the shades in this palette to complete my look for the day and.

I’m going to go these liquid lipsticks as well and we’re.

Gonna see how the formula is how the application is and we’re gonna see I love it or not so I’m sorry guys I’m like totally out of it today I feel like a minute.

Days um last night was just really long for me I was like up all night doing homework and I don’t do what I did I kind of like way too last-minute to do something and I really shouldn’t have it’s due today but I did it all last night I’m in this anyway um since everything is down already I’m gonna go ahead and take a little bit.

I’m gonna take a little bit of my Cody Eris fun right here and I’m going to lay it down if I find your son where’s next time okay and I’m going to lay some down underneath my eyes so that I don’t get any fallout on my face just in case there.

I’m gonna take my mirror right here and I’m going to lay some powder down right here just in case I mean you never know I have never used this palette before I’ve only swatched it in case anyone was wondering so we are.

Going to test this product these products out today for the first time I am NOT going to lie I haven’t used this one before this.

Is nudist the XO no cosmetics liquid lipstick I’ve used that one before and I swapped all of them on my arm and these girls don’t budge all right but other than watching them and using this one color I haven’t used any of the other ones so we’re going to go through today and see which ones um are gonna go with the look that I have in.