Kl Polish Zodiac Launches + Tom Ford Winter Collection Is Gorgeous! | Makeup Minute

Hello I’m Jen and this is your daily makeup minute for October 25th 2018 the kale polish zodiac bundle is now live on their site unfortunately International shipping is not available but if you live in the US you can get the full bundle for ninety nine ninety five bundles of six four forty nine ninety five and single shades are.

Fifty what do you think of the color chosen for your sign la.

Girl has a new product alert blowing up highlighter jellies available in eight beautiful shades coming soon to their site Tom for nigh quads winter 2018 come in seven new color options for $88 on their site.
Looks like la splash is cooking up some new lip shades Jane.

Iredale holiday collection includes the Left Party eyeshadow kit and dance with me refillable compact kiss-and-tell lip kit and butterfly bag with a nod to warmer times on their site $20 to $59 and as part of this week.

Sephora weakly Wow get the Sephora and the Museum of ice cream collab for 50% off looks like the cute brushes are sold out though darn it that’s it for now we’ll see you here same time tomorrow look for a makeup minute extras on my Instagram and don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast.

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