Pr Unboxing/boxy Charm| Reuben De Maid

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today is a different video today I’m gonna be unboxing the boxy Chum October box she better work so boxycharm is a brand a very unique kind of run so you pay twenty one u. dollars a month for three to five full-size products in a box exhale no sorry no three five.

Five products so you pay $21.

Five products in the box per month and with that obviously.

The full size you haven’t got a good mini sample ones and I’m usually the box so this another box looks like and when you open.

It I already opened that I’m using for it today and you have this little card shop and it you know has okay so these actually describe all of the products how cool is that so in here I’ll read matching the sec you have five products we have a mass we have creams we have mascara we have lipstick and we have eyeshadows we have like a full range.

So it’s not you know dedicated to one kind of thing so here we have in this box the it cosmetics superhero elastic stretch volumizing mascara and this retails for twenty four US dollars looks gorge and this.

Okay here’s the description wrap your lashes in lengthening volume boosting and ultra conditioning formula the elastic stretch technology in the black ultra black hint for the thickest most divine lashes ever defined Mahesh tag it cosmetics go so the books in it looks like kind of reminds me of Darrell um so shows me so.

That’s before okay cool oh okay this is cool I use this today and it’s like such a cool packaging I really know that it’s really long so I’m guessing this little product and I actually like the wand as well yeah I’m wearing falsies too but I bought this before and on.

My lower lashes and I love them so much so this is a really good product I actually like all my scars there’s not really many scars I don’t like a nest I like you know wet and clumpy so.

That’s good it’s that’s the one what’s one product and then the next product we have is a Kat Von.

D everlasting liquid lipstick right here and.

This is in the shade but when ro I’m wearing it today I.

Actually live for the shades right like highly Jenna very nude and it’s gorgeous swatch it for you and I actually like the Capaldi.

Formulas lipstick so yeah as you can see it’s a very hygienic kind of nude brown color should work and I.

Actually really love this color and formulas so this is actually a bomb formula not gonna lie and then let’s weed that out for you so the Calphalon d ever like everlasting liquid lipstick in the shade dominatrix 420 US.

Okay here’s the description enjoy a smooth creamy lightweight liquid lipstick that stays on all day long the highly pigmented vegan and cruelty-free formula coats your lips in just one swipe oh okay it actually does not gonna no streakiness they’re delivering the because it’s perfect it’s not a thin and I think the thinner the liquid lipstick it is and the more likes tricky.

Goes but this is quite thick and nice but it doesn’t it doesn’t actually feel dry which I love so I hope back to this yes so it’s infused vitamin E and sunflower seed oil giving your lips the moisturizing comfort they deserve I live.