Beauty Routines | Sun Kissed Skin | Ellie

Hi guys my name is Ellie today I’m going to be showing you my everyday makeup routine the first products I use for my everyday makeup routine is this milk not really sure that what it is since cooling water I basically put it on under my eyes because it kind of helps if they’re like puffy it also helps with.

Under eye circles in my have some pretty big ones so I just put this in like a triangle shape under my eyes I’ve been doing that I will be using this spray a lot I love to like kind of spray my face after every product I used I’ll just spray.

That it’s really refreshing and it kind of helps out everything next up I’m going to be using my favorite concealer I’ve ever found.

It’s the glossy a stretch concealer and the shade light I know this cuz it doesn’t look like you’re actually wearing concealer it’s a very very light weight and.

Literally just doesn’t look like you’re wearing it at all I used to use my Beauty one there to apply it but I felt like my favorite technique now.

Is to just use my fingers especially with the stretched concealer in Kumasi a it’s super easy to apply and a little goes.

A long way after burning out my concealer I will use my Laura Mercier setting translucent powder.

Televisa just set my face because it looks a little bit shiny after putting on concealer and after I’ve set my face I will go ahead and use my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray again my neighbour bronzer right now is the hoola by benefit so I will just go ahead and kind of tan up my face I’m super pale and it kind of.

Brings back some of the color after you put on concealer and powder I’m kind of bad at this but we work with it and to blend it in a.

Little bit more up on my forehead I will use the same brush that I did for the powder and we.

Kind of just go over it I don’t want it to look super fake or unnatural so this kind of helps with that I think my favorite part of my makeup routine is my eyebrows because.

I love having really natural looking eyebrows I’m going to be using the brow woods.

Here by air Astana Beverly Hills think that’s how you say it but I love this product and they look super natural but also fill them in which is important the trick to this is to not push too hard on this or.

Else will look super stencil in so I just go over it really lightly and it creates like the perfect natural look another unfortunate step to this is brushing your eyebrow after because you don’t want it to look stencil in and this helps to.
Give that natural look another thing I.

Feel like we all kind of deal with is we have our favorite.

Eyebrow my favorite one is this one so when I spilled this one in I try and spend more time on it so that way I kind of like the.

People eat this one just like.

Needs more product in it because it’s a little bit more fair so spending a little bit more time one that you don’t like really helps.

You’ll slowly start to like it oh I forgot to mention earlier that I will also use the hoola Benedict bronzer as an eyeshadow so it’s like a super easy hack to do eyeshadow like with a bronzer it’s coming to two and 1m I normally use the same brush that I apply it on my.