The Big Chop 2018 | God Told Me To Shave My Hair Off | My New Natural Hair Journey

Hi everyone and welcome to my channel this is the first sit-down kind of chit chat video that I’ve done on this channel before but I really wanted to come and document something that I’m gonna do today that I can’t believe I’m doing you don’t know me my name is Claire I am a worship leader I love to sing.
The praises of the Lord I am a Christian I love.

My Bible and I love my Lord today I want to do something that I felt like was really Spirit led obviously when it’s something that you’re not comfortable with oh it takes.
You out of your comfort zone.

You’re kind of a bit hesitant about it but I definitely think and I definitely know that opportunity is wrapped in obedience so as a Christian if God asks me to do something and he showed me it more than once and through different people then maybe it’s something.

I need to take seriously today basically I’m gonna go and cut all my hair off I’ve been praying to the Lord about my hair and as you can see I have like areas where it’s not robbing or.

Damage or you know all that kind of stuff I have not relaxed it in I don’t know nearly ten years or so but when I was younger it was relaxed all the time just purely because people didn’t know how to look after it people did not have to look after it so it was just relaxed because it was just easier and so it had a lot of damage and obviously there was hairstyles that cause this kind of damage and stuff like that sounds like enough is enough I can now I’m old.

Control over what happens on my hair now but I was going for a journey of no more relaxing it any more and just leaving it natural but there were still places of damage still still places where it wasn’t growing really well and all that kind of stuff so I was like okay Lord I’m gonna pray about this and you tell me what to do so I started praying about it and he told me how to start looking after what kind of things I can.

Verse that kept coming to me it was that God really wants to do something new and I was like great he’s gonna do something new so maybe.

It’s about my hair really I’m gonna have new growth and I’m gonna wake up with all this like yeah whatever and uhm we know it doesn’t happen that way.

But he kept saying I want to do something I wanna do something new sounds like okay you you kept saying you want to do something you Lord great do the new thing I’m ready to receive it all that kind of stuff and then even today.

Because today is the day that I’ve chosen to do even today I got a verse just earlier on that talks about the Lord can aunt or he.

Doesn’t see the point of putting new wine in old wine skin back in the day back in Bible days when you prepare wine you put them in wine skins and when you prepare new wine you have to get new wineskins to put the.

New wine in if you don’t then if you put new wine in old wine skins then because they’ve already been used there’s more likely that they will tear or rip or or you get contamination in the new wine.

And it’s like then then it’s no longer new so in that aspect I think the Lord’s just trying to tell me that I want to do something new but I need new wineskins and that’s where my hair comes in because he wants new growth he wants something new and he can’t do that with hair that is a certain age or whatever cuz we all know I have never ever I’ve never cut my hair before in my entire life so this is the.

Same hair that was on my head how many years ago I’ll say I no hair comes out and all that kind of stuff and etc but majority of it obviously is going to be old hair and obviously there’s going to be new hair but the Lord doesn’t work that way he doesn’t want any contamination when he’s doing something new he can’t it’s the same way like if someone gave you a meal but you knew.

Someone sprinkled a bit of dirt from outside on it then the whole meal was ruined whether it was only one little pinch you’re not gonna eat it so it’s the same as what the Lord wants to do he wants to do something new in my life but he can’t do that with old wine skins so.

Today I’m gonna go get all this hair cut off like oh this is.

All done I’m gonna cut it all off and let God work because he’s the only one that can restoring that in this world.

Looks like it can’t be restored it’s definitely damaged it’s.

Definitely places where the hairs really thin and all this all these all these kind of things and we I know I’ve seen so many times that cutting your hair etc can do wonders for those kind of stuff and I believe that it’s true a Christian point of view and what the Lord is leading me to.

Do he wants to do something new and he can’t do something new when something old is still there we got to throw away the old throw out the old and let something new come in and this is what I’m going to do today so if you guys don’t mind you can follow me I’m going down the road to a barb.

I’ve got an appointment today I’m gonna go down the road and the barbers going to cut this hair I’m kind of excited because when God does something new it is drastic like when he comes in and touches something it’s going to be a transformation so this is.

My leap of faith when for me the Wade faith works is that you need to believe it but only that.

You need to also have some action some kind of faith-based action and for me this is my faith based action I’m going to cut this hair off and I know that the Lord is gonna restore what is once gone we’ll be back the way that.
He raised his son from the dead I don’t know why he wouldn’t be able to.

Do something like this for me or something similar like this for you so don’t ever think that God can’t do a.

New thing in your life that you’ll past a certain thing or etc that’s not true God can always do something new and he wants to do something new all the time in your life so let’s get going yeah so excited so terrified but six likes I’ve never done this before in my life but this it’s gonna be awesome all right you guys ready let’s go I have done it my hair.

Has been cut I am back from the blah blah and the guy was so nice about it it was like okay I’m gonna cut it down I’m gonna cut it down to the level this level whatever it was that he did and he went from everything and I.

Was like uh so yeah he started.

Cutting and yeah so yeah this is it so I’m gonna document the progress of what happens where you cut your hair this short and you are on a mission to regrow it so yeah I am on.

A mission to regrow his hair and I.

Can’t do it without first of all the Lord because I’m gonna be praying to him about this and I know that he wants to do a new thing and so I’ve cleaned the slate and we’re gonna stop again yeah all good hoo-wee guys.

Look at me a little different but yeah it’s all good stuff so I’m really excited so yeah thanks so much for watching this first part of my journey and I hope you’ll subscribe to get some updates on what’s gonna happen next and how we deal with this I mean are we gonna do wig so we’re gonna leave it away easily I don’t know.

This whole thing is completely new to me so we’ll see what happens but yeah please click comment subscribe and hit that Bell notification so you can see when my next update is going to be and I’ll see you guys soon thanks for watching bye.