How To Use Vitamin C Serum To Get The Best Results For Glowing Skin!

Well hello beautiful Happy New Year Cody here always here to help you have the most healthy glowing ink or just skin I just wanted to say thank you all so much for such a wonderful 2017 together thank you for the positivity and just thank you for helping me grow and expand in my personal life in my business and.
In really every area I just thank you guys so.

Much I’m really excited for 2018 because I don’t know about you but I.

Am sure done with 2017 I had quite a year and I’m curious what your year was like if you are ready to let it go or.

If you’ve had a really great year or I’m not saying I didn’t have a good year but I had a lot of challenges so I’m also.

Thinking of vlogging a little bit I’m not quite sure let me know what you guys also think about that below but today I am just doing a quick video I’m going to cleanse.

My face and then I’m going to put some vitamin C serum on and tell you a little bit about vitamin C so today I’m cleansing with Dr.

Haass cos cleansing milk I love this stuff it’s a little pricey if if you’re not in the market for something a little bit more luxurious and really.

Natural it’s probably not something I would recommend but I use about three pumps and use it actually on dry skin first and kind of do a little bit of a massage and oh I just love the smell of this product it’s really delightful and actually I saw it on sale recently at CVS which was.

I didn’t know that they are just that the cool thing about this is you could actually just tissue it off so you don’t really even need to use water and I what I do is I always just kind of massage underneath my eyes I go in.

The opposite direction using my four fingers obviously I don’t have fingernails so it’s not I’m something that’s like jabbing my eyes and I just really want to get this cleanser soaked.

In it smells like smells like herbs and has little rose and it’s just like cool I just I’ve always.

Really just liked this products so um anyway so I’m actually going to rinse this off a little bit it.

Really soaked in my skin is a.

Little bit on the our site today because it’s cold and windy in San Diego but also I’ve been using a lot more reps in all my retinol and a che and I just kind of have been trying to flood my skin with a lot of nutrients because I was up north for the holiday and also in New.

York during December and it really that I feel for you guys that are dealing with that winter storm right now I mean my god I wasn’t even in the storm and the weather just.

Who in my skin it was so crazy so anyway I’m just gonna rinse this off now and the thing I like about this cleanser is it come filled with a lot of like.

Chemicals or anything and it’s very healing to the skin the nutrients that they use then a lot of their products are just very natural and very very very gentle so if you’re somebody that’s looking for maybe a more natural line that’s a little bit more on the luxurious side maybe you might want to look into this I’ll leave the.

Information below this video and then the next product I’m using is my new 12% by the minute C serum and.

Always say your skin so beautiful well thank you I appreciate that of course we’re always our worst critic but you know here let me just tell you a little bit about vitamin C I know you guys notice our products and mean but you know the thing is is that vitamin.

C is extremely unstable and there are so many products now.

That have vitamin C because it’s become like that kind of get product and and I’ve been doing this for a while and I don’t really buy.

Into the hype of all these products but you really do need to make sure that it’s stable and that it will really last a long time and that it’s really gonna work on your skin and you shouldn’t really have to guess if it’s working that’s what I believe.

About a good vitamin C is you should be able to put on your skin and within a couple days you should.

Notice some brightness and some tightness so also vitamin C is an antioxidant and it’s also an exfoliant because it’s on the more acidic side and it’s.

Also a moisturizer so it helps with discoloration hydration melasma just all kinds of things but it’s only it’s only gonna do that if it’s really stable in the formulation it’s really been perfected I actually originally had this.

Product then discontinued it and then my customers was like uh where’s the vitamin C so then I brought it back like.

A year later and it’s a top seller I mean it flies off the shelves and I use it in almost every client every treatment or every facial and every client and my boyfriend I think is drinking it I have another bottle here.

That I just opened like at the beginning of December and I think he’s drinking I don’t know anyway so what I think you should do with vitamin C is that you should put about 3 drops in your hand maybe 4 what you want to do is three drops and then you’re gonna just put a little bit into the skin so you’re not trying to put too much in right away you’re just trying to.

Get the top layer kind of to accept the product a little bit because with vitamin C if it’s.

Really good you could put a little bit too much on it could feel a little sticky and it could also start to like stain your clothing and stuff so you want to put a little bit into your skin at first a few drops and then you put more in afterwards so you’re doing it kind of twice and the thing about vitamin C is you really want.

To make sure that you let it soak in for five to ten minutes before you do anything else I notice a lot of people are just really quick and they’re using their serums and layering stuff on top of each other and you’ll get up much better result with your products if you spend a little bit more time rubbing them into your skin and then allowing them so soak into your skin so that they can really work and penetrate and do what they are.

To promise which is you know the hydration the discoloration the.

Brightness anti-aging all of that stuff so now I’m gonna put another four drops that’s actually six about because I really want to show you so that’s.

Quite a bit and I’m just going to put it all over my forehead a lot.

On this side and this you should never use this much this is ridiculous but I’m just kind of showing to prove a point I mean you could.