Vlogtober Day 24| Ditl | Whats For Dinner | Sahm

Everybody happy hump day it is blocked Ober 24th you guys we have exactly one week left in blog Topher and I don’t know how to feel about it I don’t know if I’m gonna feel a little bit of relief because vlogging so hard every day vlogging or am I gonna miss it a little bit but anyways I hope.

Productive today I’m feeling much better than I was feeling yesterday so thank God for that I’m ready to get this day started and.

I’m gonna show you guys some heaven for breakfast so here’s what I’m eating for breakfast I have strawberries grapes and granola in my yogurt and this is the granola and the yogurt that I use here on the counter you can see I have my stuff out to cook dinner while the kids take a nap I have my shrimp thawing out and I’m bout to wash some dishes right now here’s the lessons for today we’re going to work on the letter G and.

Of course our shapes and the number of the day is thirty nine our color of the week is red and then we have our two equations that stay on the board all right jr. tell me what color is this paper black black tell me what color is that paper great.

That’s right good good green and what color is that paper guess you do it is.

Of orange remember you gotta let him do it by herself kay and junior what color is that paper okay pink Lacey Shh let him do his last two okay junior what color is that paper yeah that’s right yeah yeah yellow good job yeah.

And good job Kylie see Andrea what color is up that paper blue.

Yep yeah you have blue in your shirt good job yeah that’s right alright and your last color what color is this paper red yeah good job papa it is.

Your turn okay Lucy bear what color is this paper blue blue that’s right Cali see what color is that paper red red what color.

Is that paper green good good green what color is this paper yeah yellow yeah.
Is this paper should Papa be.

Quite orange on orange what color is that paper pink pink and Kylie see what color is that paper black both look like you guys are so smart you’re gonna go eat lunch after yeah say that puppets it’s okay even though you’re gonna.
Say it’s okay Papa say hi no.

Not today okay yeah what’s today it’s a Wednesday yes I was worried isn’t Halloween khaleesi what state do we live in I’m carefree California that’s right.

You’re so smart this is what the shrimp Alfredo is looking like so far it smells so good and here you guys then I got my pasta boiling you.

Know I’ll let you see what it looks like when it’s done and this is what the end result looks.

Is good let us thank you for food Amy what do you guys have white pasta white pasta.

Yeah it’s called Alfredo okay eat up so thank you are so cute they just got out the bathtub then their pajamas and I came up the stairs they’re talking they’re hugging each other Junior okay go upstairs and get more socks so take those on I’m gonna show you guys how LCD I am but please don’t judge me so these clothes just came out of the washer these are the kids clothes I do.

Not dry the kids clothes I only put their socks in the panties watching TV and eat chips okay I know I guess the chips you know to open.