Gold Glitter & Neutral Cat Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Samways

Hello everybody I hope everything is going well welcome to my channel if you are new here my name is Melissa subways and I’m a makeup artist so for today’s video I have for you this dramatic makeup look I have both eyes both lips both skin but with a soft and natural effect I really love it and I hope.

That you like it much as I do so thank you so much for watching and let’s begin this.

Tutorial oh don’t forget subscribe to my channel in the notification belt and like this video if you did so now let’s get started to begin this makeup look and then apply a eyeshadow base first today I’m gonna use my regular soft ochre Paint Pots by Mac I say regular because I always use this one you can choose any.
Like so I’m going to buy just a little bit.

With the tip of my fingers all over today and this will just help the shadows to stick into place and last longer also will make them a little more vibrant today I need that’s why I love.

This eyeshadow base so much because it really stick the shadows it’s in a blending brush to apply the shade carmel by watching this cosmetics our motive is cosmetics i don’t know how we understand it but for me it is much to miss how we say here.

In brazil but you understand what i mean this is my motive is cosmetics the shade caramel and.

This will be my transition shade so I’m gonna apply all over my crease in circular motions I’m gonna start off applying this eyeshadow right in the outer corner of my eyes but here above my.

Crease a little bit and now I’m gonna just work the shade all over my crease area in circular motions I’m gonna just bring a little bit what is left in the brush to my inner corner I’m gonna bring this color out a little bit so now I’m gonna go for a black eyeshadow and this black out also by America’s cosmetics I’m gonna apply this shade using a firm angled brush and I’m gonna try to.

Do like a eyeliner in the other corner of my eyes but this is just to create more.

Dimension in my makeup look so I’m gonna apply right here like this.

And I’m gonna pull this eyeshadow up a little bit like so and now I’m gonna do supply mark eyes shadow here another corner of my eyes I’m gonna also use.

The same eyeshadow in your lower lash line this is a very pigmented eyeshadow I’m gonna go.

Adding the credits a little the time so I have them on so that I want of black eyeshadow inner corners as you can see I fight a lot here in the lower lash line as well so now I’m going to use this little brush to apply a brown eyeshadow and merge.

The edges of the black and this is whiter Shoplet also very much mrs.

menges so I’m gonna apply this shade to is mostly black eyeshadow in the outer corner of my eyes and also in the lower lash line and now I’m gonna fight with the first brush that I apply it to my transition shade and I’m gonna soften the edges a little more now in my eyelid I’m gonna apply this shade thinking by my cosmetics and so by the shape.
To me is the million angled.

Brush by Sigma I’m gonna focus this color more in the outer corner of my eyes and I.

Also have to leave space to apply the next two eyes shadows in the eyelid next in the eyelid I’m gonna apply the color latina.