Self Care 101

Got my cozy sweater on vintage Ralph Lauren from my grandma it was like a double like tracksuit and this I kept both don’t really wear these racks new unless it’s like really cold but it’s pretty chilly today in LA weather is finally changing and feeling nice and wintry which is my favorite time of the year I’m not sure.

If a winter or fall of a time layer of the year combination of both but I need you hi guys it’s Erica and I am.

Going to give you self-care 101 something that you should be doing every single day to make sure you take care of yourself and as someone who finds herself being busier and busier to the point.

Where she starts to feel actual pain like her like I can work myself so much that by the end of the week it’s the weekend and I should be going out with friends and doing fun things.

But I’ll have this like pain and like soreness in my shoulders in the right back I always feel like my shoulders in.

My back whenever I’ve just like done too much and my body’s like you’re not doing anything today you’re gonna stay home you’re gonna lay in bed and you’re gonna watch YouTube and yeah that’s your life because you’ve done way too much I work over 40 hours a week at my regular job I am part of a number of.

Different like creative teams on the side I am an avid hit class taker and spin class taker I have lots of family lots of family I don’t have a lot of family but I have my mom that I go visit and I have lots of friends that’s know what I’m saying and and then.
I love doing YouTube and making videos and having fun and exploring.

This whole world so it’s so easy to not have time for myself I also play piano and I love reading and it’s just like I have to schedule in to my day if I could show you my calendar I have.

To schedule in my reading time.

Like when I have like a window for me to read a chapter of the book.

That I’m currently reading like that’s how my schedule is I just schedule in like when I can meditate and meditate every single day.

Try and read every single day I try and play piano every single days but.

Coach doesn’t you know push me over the ledge for not practicing that week so yeah I have decided that there are like a number of things that should be done every single day to make sure that you are taking care of yourself.

Regardless of how busy or not busy you are and I think most people the older that they get they just get.

More busy work gets crazy family friends just life appointments everything just gets crazy all of my friends are just like like we have to like schedule in when we can hang out as opposed to being like hey what are you doing right now you wanna hang out okay I’ll see you in bed like that was my life a couple years ago and now.

It’s like so Thursday between 6:30 and eights but I have a horse up at 8:00.

And then I can follow up with you Wednesday to make sure that we’re still on.

For Thursday it’s 6:30 to 8:00 is that okay like if that is the literally my life with everything to schedule when I have to see my mom just to make sure that like we’re both available.

Yeah so anyway these are my self-care checklists you could call them to make sure that you are taking care of yourself every single day regardless of how this you are number one on your checklist and arguably for me at least the most important because I cannot function unless this happens having at.

Least seven to eight hours of sleep.

In my case if I could get like ten hours that would be amazing but I mean at least eight hours and.

You should make sure that you can always give yourself enough time to get at least seven to eight every single night number two is did you get enough water today it’s recommended to have at least 12 glasses or 12 cups of.

Water every single day I am a fish literally and I can drink water non-stop all day every day I can.

Drink a whole thing of water and then be thirsty as soon as I’m done with it so always make sure you’re hydrated no matter what number three is did you eat enough protein and greens I personally believe that everyone is entitled to whatever debt that works for them I don’t believe that one diet works for everyone because everyone is so different what works for me and I also think that one should figure out what works for them and not go by any particular.

Diet just because anyone tells them to for me a high-protein diet works works great for me because I work out a lot I lift weights I’m.

Just very active and I just find I feel better when I have a high protein diet so making sure that you’re eating enough and not being too busy to eat.

Because that is something that I have definitely unfortunately been not doing is being too busy and I’ll I leave my house every. Monday through Friday and I eat while I’m at work and like in-between and stuff and I’ll come home sometimes but if I go at the gym after work or if I do something after work I go on a bunch of errands sometimes typically I’ll come home around. and that’s a whole day out of the house just running around doing things and by. I personally can’t sleep on a full stomach I just can’t sleep and generally I’m in bed by 10 so if I eat around 8:00 I won’t be able to.

Sleep at 10:00 and then I won’t get my 8 hours of sleep and then just ruin my whole next day so I would just not have dinner and that’s not good so always making sure that you.

Guess almost scheduling in one a good time to eat it and.

Making sure you have like the proper supplements and if.

You can’t squeeze in a meal get a milkshake not a milkshake with a protein shake or some sort of nutritional thing to sustain you and keep you healthy and make your.

Skin glow and your hair grow and making sure all of your organs and hearts and everything that’s keeping you alive especially your brain are being nourished and happy number four is tending to your hygiene you brush your teeth as you wash your face and you put deodorant on those need to be done every single day and I know how easy it is to like get up in the morning you’re running late.

And you’re like oh it’s fine I’ll just pop.

A mint and you know no one will ever notice but maybe no one will notice but you will notice and if you keep doing that over time your teeth and your oral hygiene are just not gonna be cool and it’ll just ruin your relationships and let’s just say everything won’t go downhill from there so making sure that.

You’re just generally being hygienic and clean every single.

Day make a quick like go-to of what you need and like am I gonna go to the gym today am I gonna do this do I need like extra deodorant do I need extra dry shampoo etc five is did I take my vitamins today I love being a little bit of.

A health freak and I have all sorts of supplements and vitamins and b12 and turmeric and my green powder and just like everything and making sure you actually take them every day regardless of whatever it is that you take and if you know you don’t.

Feel like you need anything.

Is there something else that maybe you should.

Take some probiotic you know supplement or something um making sure you actually take them every day and maybe stick into a schedule having a reminder.

Put on your phone to go off every day at 9 a. so that you know honey I’m gonna take my vitamins because that will make a difference so much in the long run number six did you make her bed and generally have a tidy environment I guess I could take out the make your bed part but.

Do you generally is your space the pace space you live in the space you work in the space you operate in your car isn’t generally tidy.

Do you know where everything is is there like a dead you know cat in the corner that probably needs to get cleaned up that’s a really really bad analogy but like is there food everywhere that you’re probably thrown out is there like dirty plates is there you know dirty clothing just sitting on your floor making sure that Jenner everybody sparkly clean you know your marble doesn’t have to be.

Glistening or anything like that but it’s everything like generally okay so if you have an unexpected guests or you had someone who had to come in your car for whatever reason are they gonna be able to like sit in your passenger seat without like being like oh my god all of these water bottles and like receipts jeez seven did you get exercise today I am a firm believer of.

Having some form of physical exertion every single day even if it’s just a walk around the block I’m not talking about cross am I talking about hit classes that I love taking or my spin class from my yoga class just some form of physical exertion because it’ll change your life it’ll change your mood it’ll change your hormones it’ll change your body it’ll change.

Everything eight did you get outside today did you get some fresh air today again as busy.

People I know how hard it is or rather how easy it is to be stuck inside your office all day be stuck inside your job and the moment.

You leave your job you go right into your car and then you go into the side another building and it’s just a never-ending like thing of not being outside like just up until a couple like a hundred years ago we’re even less humans were generally outside walking around and now that everything is digital.

And like there’s no real reason for us to the outside we’re not going outside as much and it’s unbelievable how drastic it can change your mood by just walking outside in five minutes and getting fresh air nine did you laugh today did you enjoy yourself even if it was for five minutes I know a lot of people have really intense jobs and they’re very serious and God forbid you crack a joke because.

Your boss will give you a side eye but did you talk to a good friend and just like laugh about something or see a funny meme or just anything funny like that cuz that’s also super important ten did you take a mindful break today whether it be meditation or just sitting somewhere and reading a light book or just staring at the wall staring out a beautiful scenery did you take a meaningful five minutes and five minutes to me is nothing I minimum twenty minutes minimum for me but did you take time today to just exist.

You spend positive fun time with other.

People for me I find it very easy to isolate myself and just like get a bunch of work done and then I get tired and then I’m like Oh Saturday night no I’m gonna stay home and be in bed.

And it’s cozy up and just pamper myself and want to youtube videos which is secretly my favorite thing to do not secretly I’m happy to do that out of Saturday night but it’s really really really important for your mental health and your emotional health to be around people.

Humans are supposed to be around.

Not solitary creatures as much as I like to think I am but too much alone time for me is actually bad for.

Me I do notice I go a little if I’m alone for way too many days which is also impossible because I work Monday through Friday and then I have things that I like have to do on Saturday and Sunday but even.

Like in-between like if I just like don’t talk to anyone or don’t text anyone don’t Skype anyone.

Like sometimes I need to just be around other human beings and.

See how they’re doing and that’s.

Super important so did you have any kind of positive fun just talking to a friend over the phone for 10 minutes today last but not least 12 did you spend any time doing anything that inspired you today whether it was listening or that song that made you feel really good listen they want podcasts that make you feel interesting or give you a new idea watching a.

Good movie watching a good show watching a cool video on YouTube was there anything that you did today that made you go laughs this laughs pretty cool this crazy thing that we’re doing over here with this whole human body and this earth thing yeah it’s it we’re onto something something something schools that have it like did you have like an inspiring moment today even if it was like a cute little like huh you know I think that should happen every single day no matter what or where you are in life there.

You have it guys those are my 12 tips to self-care self-care 101 you could call it things that I believe that you should do every single day to make sure you are staying in check no matter how busy you are these are the things you should make sure that you’re putting into.

Your calendar and your to-do list every single day to make sure.

You’re happy and healthy and actually okay mentally physically emotionally spiritually because no matter how much money you’re making no matter how many promotions you’re getting at the end of the day you need to be okay.

You need to be more than okay you need to be great and feeling good maybe not every single day cuz I know that that’s impossible because things happen.

But I think if you cross these things off every single day you’d be closer to feeling amazing more often than not so anyway I hope you enjoyed this if you have any more self-care tips that you.

Think should be included in this 101 please let me know because I was thinking of other things that I make sure I try and do every single day and.

I feel like I got them all but maybe I’m missing something and maybe you have an idea something that I should be doing every single day that would improve my life and if so please tell me I want to know.

Anyway I’ll talk to you next time.