I'm Back! | #maggiemondays – Episode 41

Hey everyone I wanted to start this off before we get all into this whole week it’s been a while since I’ve logged and I know well actually it hasn’t been a while since I’ve logged it’s been a while since you guys have seen a video and that’s because my internet had some major issues and I wasn’t able to.

Stream for like an entire month I had 20 days of internet just madness and I kind of got my streaming stuff back on schedule for a month and now I’m back and ready to vlog for you guys but I’ve obviously missed the 365 day challenge and I feel like it just got to a point where it was.

Overwhelmingly behind and I don’t want to start all over with the 365 challenge because I.

Feel like that’s such a weird thing to do I don’t know but I did realize that I wanted to take some time and step back and really think about what I’m doing and whether I liked what I was doing and I think my plan.
For this is going to be I will vlog every day but I’m going.

To mash it together for Maggie Monday’s like I used to do I think it’s just gonna be way easier for me I’ve been really managing market chrome plays really well so I added that on last month so month before we we basically got back on track with with streaming and then we started adding the vlog or the gameplay videos and so now I’m putting out a gameplay video every single day and except for.

I think Mondays I’m not gonna put on a gameplay video so it’ll be every day except for Monday and then Monday’s will be vlog days something.

And that’s gonna be the schedule I will cram everything into one video for Maggie Monday’s and hopefully you guys like that that system if this worked for you definitely leave me a thumbs up if you didn’t work for you leave me even if it didn’t work for you leave me some comments down below so we can have a chat if it didn’t work for you.

Also leave me a comment down below if you didn’t like it if you prefer like the small shorter videos that you can consume every day I would definitely want to know what you guys prefer but this is definitely gonna be easier for me in the long run because I can just make one video and then instead of spending a time every day editing I don’t know let me know what you think and hopefully.

You guys are do it and I will see you throughout the week morning it’s Monday I am on my way to work as fuzzy usual and I’m gonna start blogging again it has been a crazy ride for me I have had a lot.

Of issues with motivation just because I had that whole internet issue happened to me and it kind of just set me back I sound like such a.

Busy work dress stuff happening and then on top of that just like everything else I don’t know I just felt very overwhelming to get back into it I don’t know why I was doing so well with everything every day pumping out two videos plus doing all my work plus all the streams it seemed like everything was actually pretty smooth I was like oh I think I can manage all of this and then.

The second I just like actually get sleep I just feel like I feel much better than I’ve gotten sleep but I’ve had definitely the struggle with motivating myself back into it all so that is the situation that I’m in right now but I figured the best way for me to do that is to not overwhelm myself and I’m going to just bash up.

So you guys just see my whole week I think that’s probably gonna be better in the long run because I feel like daily vlogs although they do you do get to see a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally just because I end.

Up talking about things that I might not have normally talked about.

I think that it’s less entertaining overall just because every day is exciting not that every day is going to be exciting anyway but my life is just like you guys thought I’ve just work and.
Then coming home and doing like secondary work so that’s kind of how it’s.

All been and damn so I apologize for the really.

Hong break but at the same time I hope you guys understand it and know where I’m coming from and know that I’m just really trying my best to keep everything together on that that side of things get some things streaming has gone well it’s.

Been going amazingly and we’ve just been having so much fun with it as far as all my like tabletop RPG stuff that’s going very very well as well having a ton of fun it’s always fun to play different types of characters so I think that’s but very exciting for me is being able to play such a big variety of players of.

Characters I’m not on as many channels nowadays because I’m trying to really focus on my stuff onward although I am only official Wizards channel as well as last initiative starting up their show.

Finally across speakers so there are a lot of really cool things coming down the line say chips that life is coming up which I’m very excited about upon doing that and I love charity events like they’re one of the best ways we can utilize our communities to do good things but with that I am going to be into the work so I’ll see you guys later struggle with hair and headsets I don’t know.

If you guys can see no crimp in my headset we’re more my headset in my hair where that set was I don’t normally go for like an actual lunch break I usually just go to the cafeteria and get food or bring my own food and I usually get the same thing every day.

Or at least a very similar thing every day and today I’m going to get something different and I’m gonna take me a beast out for lunch.

He’s been doing really good in school and I actually have I can actually take like a.

Legit loan lunch break for once so I’m gonna do that also ladies these have lash.

Things but you just put them on only on the end they get my approval I just need to like do them better cuz.

I kind of suck at them and now I go back into work where I will be doing a ton of stuff and then afterwards we will go home and we will stream and all of the things so um I don’t probably won’t be recording anything at work that tends to be how it is I.

Just took a nap and now I am going to freshen my face up and then we run a stream we’re wrapping up the stream tonight so is where all the magic happens well like you guys say bye to them yeah here we.

Go now everybody’s saying hi.

Hi bye ended up staying up way too. but I finished a ton of work stuff and now I’m gonna attempt to trade tonight the classes dammit he’s been.