Fall Makeup Tutorial | Melissa Samways

Hello everybody welcome back to my channel everything is going well so for today’s video I have for you this fall inspired makeup look I love this color so much and this combination is a must have in your collection so let’s get started this makeup look already applied my eyeshadow base and I filled in my brows a little bit.

In the first shade then I’m gonna apply is called blur by multi cosmetics I’m gonna.
Apply this color with a blending.

Crease ends a little bit in the lower lash line as well next in the other.

Corner of my eyes using a shader brush you can apply this shade lovesick and I’m gonna blend this shade in my crease and also in my lower.

Lash line and the brushes that I used are from sigma 30 most of them you can find in my brush set with Sigma by E.

Which is missus amis favorites you can also use my coat Melissa s be for ten percent off in an approach eyes in Sigma very calm to create the cut crease shape I’m gonna apply a little bit of concealer using a concealer brush and next I’m gonna apply the color promiscuous in the.

Other corner this is a beautiful purple shade I love this color because it’s a purple shade with some blue reflects on it and creates amazing effect in this makeup look by the side of the.

Purple I’m gonna apply the shade heggs which is this amazing red shade oh my god look this word is so beautiful it’s a very shimmery eyeshadow and the texture is very buttery and.

I really like helping with that and how its blends in the eyelid and highlights the inner corners you can apply the color Bogert.

In the skin and look this color wow I love the texture of this eyeshadows the formula is so good and also the colors are so pretty and to line my eyes I’m gonna apply the gel liner wicked by Sigma one of my favorites gel liner ever I love this color because it’s so black it’s very rich in pigment and also is waterproof and tipping clutters looking at apply a little bit of glitter in my crease and.

Also another corner of my eye I also apply it affected at Tina.

By a dispute II I love these brands for lashes and that’s it firstly thank you so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe.

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