To Sterilize Baby Bottles Or Not

Hello everybody thank you for joining me today I’m dr.
Tahir from family pediatrics in Kenosha Wisconsin today I’ll be talking to you guys about a really important topic and that is about baby bottle sterilizing and the question is do you need to sterilize your baby bottles or not I recently got this question from a YouTube user on one.

Of my other Baby Bottle videos and I figured ooh this would be a perfect time to make it in the video and this is what I’m doing alright so.

The question is do you have to sterilize baby bottles or not well I looked into what people do people sterilize baby bottles by boiling them in water or on the stovetop and also there are lots of very fancy baby sterilizing equipment available so I did a little search and I tried to look and see what I could find and just a little bit of Google search kind of showed me some.

Important pictures here important listings here you see there’s baby bottle sterilizing.

Equipment available that range is from like $15 to about $300 you see lots of other searches that I was doing was showing equipment that was mostly between two to three hundred dollars so there’s a lot of money you could spend potentially in getting this equipment or putting it on your baby shower wishlist and so the question is well do you really need to or.

Not the the short answer to this is that you do not need to sterilize baby bottles.

Okay you know first of all it’s very time consuming so you have enough to do as a parent I know feeding they can carry your child bathing etc so just doing all those things is enough and now if you have to add on sterilizing baby bottles well that’s a lot of work and furthermore if your water is safe enough for you to drink then it’s safe enough for your baby okay safe enough.

To wash your baby’s body bottles with and also safe enough to make formula with if you’re choosing to use formula for your child you do want to wash.

Your baby bottles well though make sure you use soap and water make sure you use a little brush and.

All the remnants of any milk or formula that.

Are left and nooks and crannies of the parts of the bottle nipples and accessories because that stuff will grow bacteria here you don’t want to put that in your baby’s mouth but if you wash the bottles well then you should be perfectly fine make sure you air dry it and just leave it sitting for your next year’s and when you do that you.

Shouldn’t really have any specific worries about.

Infecting your baby okay now if you live off the grid someplace and your water comes from a river and you.

Have to boil your that water well you’ll want to use boiled water also for your child’s baby for your child’s dishes too for bottles nipples etc.
To wash them again use that water the.

Soap to wash them but you don’t need to boil the bottles and the nipples and try to sterilize them okay so that’s the really the short end of it if your child has some specific immune dysfunctions of their of their immunity then talk to.

You doctor about that that may be a little bit of a different case make sure you address that with your doctor okay now you guys our bodies are not meant to live in a sterile environment even if you try to sterilize the baby bottles etc very quickly they will get colonized.

With all the normal stuff that’s in our environment and there are countless bacteria and fungi and viruses that are all around us our bodies need that and your baby’s bodies need that to help develop immunity so if you try to make a sterile.

Environment around your baby that’s not the healthiest thing to do because we all need the.
Natural types of things that are in our environment to help build up our.

Immunity and help teach our immunity how to fight off infections all right so I hope that helps.

I hope that you spend more time with your baby versus trying to sterilize anything and also it will help save you money by not buying equipment so I hope you guys have a good day if you have any questions or concerns please post.

Them in the comments here I do read all the comments and I’m always thankful to get comments from all of yours thank you bye bye.