Review!! Homiee Baby Monitor Camera 720p Digital Camera, 5" Color Lcd Display 2018

Hey so I have just gotten my humming baby monitor and so far I am super impressed with the product it came with the camera the monitor the two cables which make sure they’re plugged in correctly because this one says receiver and the camera one has a camera tag on it so make sure you’re using the right one the.

Right right cord with each one cuz I wasn’t and it was messing things up so you do get a user manual and you also get screws and angers if you would like to put.

Your camera in and hang it up in the baby’s room somewhere instead of having it sitting on a surface so super quick it was.
Plug and play I just plugged it in and everything turned on and was.

Ready to go I’m just gonna go through some of the menu options first of all there’s a shortcut here and that mainly controls volume so left and.

Right is volume control I’m not going to turn it up too loud because and there’s a lot of feedback up and down controls brightness okay so just so you know that’s how you get to your volume is this little shortcut button okay mom if you want to talk to your baby there’s a little microphone here you can talk and it’ll come through on the baby’s camera and they can hear you in.

Their room that’s just pretty cool got your power button menu in sleep so the.
Menu button you’ve got your camera so you.

Can turn your camera on or off hit menu again.

Sound detection you can make it higher low I’m gonna turn it to low then you just.

This is interesting so you can have four Celsius or Fahrenheit so I’m going to turn it to Fahrenheit but.

I’m gonna leave it off and go back so you can see right here earlier it was in Celsius you probably noticed that I noticed and now it’s in Fahrenheit there’s a date and time I haven’t said any of this up but.

You can just very simple I’m going to turn.

The volume down on this so there’s feedback all right more menu options you can play music with baby okay so.

Up and down does not work here it just left and right or you can select to play all and there is no volume control for this that is the only default I can see at this point that I wish I could change is that there’s no volume control for this sound that’s coming out on the other end for the baby so you would just go back televised and go back to the one the oh and then you just select it to pause okay I’m gonna go back to menu there’s a.

Turn off it goes to it makes the screen go blink so we can turn it on go back to menu and then you hit sleep mode and the screen just blink see hit menu it turns back on let’s see what else the last thing was settings this is.

Where you can adjust your time you can go back to factory default setting if you want which I’m not gonna do and this is just info on your receiving turrets that signals if you wanted to know what channels is we’re receiving and transmitting on I’m super impressed I think that quality of this picture is amazing I think it’s really.

Great and the screen size is huge I mean this is a three by three by five or six screen I mean it’s pretty big so five inch monitor is it right there I’m really horrible with the quality though so I hope you guys enjoy it I would definitely purchase this I got this from my little sister she’s having a baby next month and I am thinking she’s gonna love it.