Wife Repairing Marriage After Husband Cheated With Neighbor (full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples Court with the Cutlers.

JUDGE: We’re herefor McKinney versus McKinney.

You’ve been marriedtwo and a half years? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE: But, have knowneach other since Middle School? BOTH: Yes, Your Honor.

And you havea beautiful baby together.
DANA: Okay, so tell me, why in the worldare you here,in Couples.

Court, today? Your Honor, I justwanna know if my husband is sleepingwith the neighbor. because he’s been actingreal distant. Our marriage just hasn’t, you know, it hasn’tbeen the same. You know, he’s justnonchalant about.

I just wanna know the truth, today. What do you haveto say about that? I have admitted to herthat I have cheated and everything. This hasbeen a year and a half ago. And, I’m doing everythingnow, to make sureeverything’s free. Okay, so you cheatedin the past?. But that was in the pastand now you’re on the straightand narrow? Yes, Sir. That’s the reasonI’m here, today. So that, she know that I’m on the straightand narrow.

I’m worriedabout, is her and my little girl,that’s it.

Don’t believe him? I don’t believe anythinghe’s saying. Okay, can you tell him exactly what isat stake today? If I find out you’recheating on me, today,we’re done. (CROWD BOOING) You gotta get it together.

Say, you’re notcheating, right now? I haven’t done nothingsince June 18. She’s just paranoid because I don’t know, she.

DANA: Oh! She, she gonna gothrough my phone. It’s just the trustis lost with her. JUDGE KEITH: The trust is lost? You broke that trust.

Trust is lost? ALFRED: Yes, Sir. And you’re here to rebuildthat trust, aren’t you? Yes, Your Honor. You’re here to convinceher that you’re deservingof that trust? Yes, Your Honor. But you’re saying thatshe’s paranoid? Why are you sayingshe’s paranoid? Cause she knows,all I do is, go to work and I come home. When I am home, it’s just me, herand my little child. And we don’t havenothing to do. We outta towntryin’ do to something. Are you paranoid? I don’t think I’m paranoid. I just think that I have, I have a feeling in my,you know, my.

Gut, is that he’s doing something.He’s always, like, he just not there, all they way. He’s nonchalant, you know? And. A woman’sintuition is rarely wrong. And you’re here to getthat corrected? Yes, Your Honor. From a man’s perspective, I mean, if he’s doingeverything he’s supposed to do, then her intuition couldbe fueled by something completely paranoid? But look, he’s already. We’re talking aboutwhat he’s done in the past, he’s talking about whathe’s doing right now. I don’t have nothingto be paranoid about. KEITH: You know whatyou’re doing?. DANA: Well, look,I gotta tell you, was there a periodafter the. fall out, a yearand a half ago, where things were okay? Only, when he, like,on Valentine’s day, if he.

Brings me a giftor something but that still doesn’tcover up the fact that, you know, that happened. Because I’m still damagedfrom t. You know, so it’s neverreally been a good, good, time. What about backin the beginning? Yeah, in. We got, you know, we’veknown each other sinceMiddle School. We fell apart then, and then we met back upat a school we was goingto together. When you all metin Middle School, were you all just.

Friends, or were you boyfriendand girlfriend in Middle School? I was like a geek to him. ALFRED: I wasn’t into,you know. I was intothe streets, and I was running behindthose fast girls. (CROWD LAUGHING) ALFRED: And, you know. She was a kind of nerdat the time, you know. looked there,and kept going aboutmy business, you know. When did you realize that the freaks and the cheatsout.

In the street,weren’t for you? And this was the onefor you? I realized thatonce I got cheated on. So you know what it feelslike to be cheated on? CASSANDRA: Exactly? I knew it would feellike this, so I’m trying to show to her that,I’m doing what I need to do now. So, besides him catchingyour eye, what other things made you fallin love with this gentleman? He’s like my. He’s like, he’s somebodyI can come to when I’m sad, you know,when I’m crying. He brings me Mothers Day gifts, every year,when we have Mothers. You know, he’s justmy other half. He’s doing those thingsthat you would expect from your husband? And I love him, yeah. KEITH: At some point,something changed. Is that correct? CASSANDRA: Yeah.

Was itthat changed? Just, every time I turned,he was texting different females you know, thensaying he wanted.

You know, do oral sexwith people. Was he offeringor asking? Oh, he was offering to do it. So, he’s a giver? CASSANDRA: Yes, Your Honor. (CROWD LAUGHING) I did do that. We had our up and downsand all that, and. When it’s down,you don’t go somewhere else. I admitted to Maronewhat I have doneand all of that.

He, you know,she was independent, she had like.

Three jobs,you know, a nice car. He used to always throw,”Oh, she’s better than you, she’s more independent.” You know what I’m saying?It hurt. What was the first instancethat you saw that he was texting someone? It was an argumentwe had one night. DANA: That he was texting her? No.

He just threw it upthat she was independent and I’m not. Okay, so tell meabout that night.

We were fighting becauseI was working seven days a week. The only thing thatshe was thinking then,is I was cheating. Because you were workingseven days a week? Because.