Wife Cheated After Husband Suffered From Terrible Accident (full Episode) | Couples Court

This is Couples CourtWith The Cutlers.

We’re here today on the caseof Howland vs.

You all have been togetherfor seven years,but married for three years.

Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor.

Howland,you’ve brought your wifeto Couples Court today.

Uh, I brought my wifeto Couples Court today to find out if she’scheating.

On me, physically, uh, emotionally,and especially, financially. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I mean, I canget over emotional, but financially,I can’t get over that. So, financially isthe sticking point for you. So, what ison the line today? Is your marriageon the line?. Our marriage,our kids, our life, our house, our dog,our grass. Howland,do you understandwhat’s on the line today? I understand. Okay, so you understandthat if he finds out you are financiallysupporting this gentleman, that your marriage is done. Howland, what isthe status of your relationshipright now? How are you living? We cool. JUDGE KEITH AND JUDGE DANA:You cool? Yeah. So, you all are livingin the same house?.

I sleep in the living room,he sleeps in. JUDGE DANA: Oh! JUDGE KEITH: Okay. How long you allbeen living like that? Since then. JUDGE DANA: A year? Since then. You all have not sleptin the same bed in a year? When he gets the feelingto want to do something,he’ll call me. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) And do you gowhen he calls you in there? Yeah. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE KEITH: Okay, so. I just got to say, he’s calling on herwhen he just wants something. Didn’t you justhear her sayshe did. Are you stillin love with her? Of course. JUDGE KEITH: You stillin love with him? Yeah. JUDGE DANA: Well, thisshould be easy.

Should be easy, but they’rehere on Couples Court. So, there’s gotto be a problem. There was a timewhen they were happy. Marietta is the girl, right? She is the girl that is. It doesn’t take muchto please Marietta. But, not saying that shedoesn’t.

Deserve the world,’cause she do. But she just ain’tthe typical woman. Know what I mean? JUDGE DANA: Tell meabout that. You know, she’s notthe date type of girl.You know what I mean? She wanna be at home,she kids. Like when I met her,she was taking care. So, that’s whatmade me settle down. It’s like, he adopted himto be his son. Well, back then,he made me smile. JUDGE KEITH: He stillmakes you smile. JUDGE DANA:But I also see tears. Why? Why do I see the tears? MARIETTA:Because I know I messed up. How longwere you all togetherbefore things went wrong?. JUDGE DANA: So you all gotsix years under your belt. JUDGE KEITH:So, six good years. And I’m in whatyou call a drop mill, right? It’s where rubbercomes down from the cooker and drops on my. In the machine? In the machine. I took my glove off,one night and everything. My first thing to dowas call Marietta. Call Marietta,’cause this wasmy first thing to do. So, you had thistragic accident where youlose part of your hand, and. JUDGE DANA: And stayedthere with. So, this should’ve beenthat situation where your marriageis made stronger. I had to be the mommaand the daddy. When he was in pain,he would take it out on me. He would say thingsthat he don’t.

Supposedto say to your wife. If you had your hand like thisfor three months,how would you feel? All day. Tie your handto your hip, to your sidefor three months. JUDGE DANA: Were youa little abusive? JASON: I don’t know. You don’t know?Were you difficult? You know.

I mean, I’m difficult now,and I’m walking. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) The truthwill set you free, love.

Just mentionedthat having your handnext to your side for three months,it gets to you. Our vows,and I’m gonna presumeyour vows say, “In sickness and in health. And in sickness and in health,doesn’t always mean. (CLAPS) (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Here.

Sickness and in health meansnot only the physical part, but even the emotional,where he’s not being kind. You have to give hima whole lot of grace because you have to feelwhat he’s feeling. Now, you’re notoff the hook, Mr. So, when she gets tightabout you being tight, you gotta give her grace. You gotta give her, and say,”I know, I have.” What did you say?”I’m difficultwhen I’m walking. If you keep running out,how can I give youthat grace? JUDGE DANA: Well, now thatis a different conversation.

So, how didthe cheating come in?That’s my question.

New friendfrom back in the day. He came around? He just came aroundout of the blue? I mean. JUDGE DANA:Why did he write you? JUDGE KEITH: Facebook? Where’d he write you at? Hush. Tell me wherehe wrote you at? ‘Cause I want to know. How didhe get the address? He didn’tget it through me. What is it that she didthat makes you thinkshe was cheating? Right. At this time, I didn’t knowwhat was going on. At this time, it was justher leaving was the problem. We gotinto an argument one day. I went overto my mom’s houseto cool down. I come back the next day,I walk in the house, there’s nothingin the house. He told a story and saidthat he put it. I come to find outhe sold it all. Your response to all thatis to sell all of your stuff. JUDGE KEITH: And whatwas the game plan? I got emotional. What was my game plan? Yeah, once yousold all your stuff, what was the next step? What was the next step? JUDGE KEITH: Yeah. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Let me just say,”Reel it in. It wasn’t only his stuff,it was my stuff, too. So, you sold everythingbut the TV.

Itand gave it to the guythat she was sleeping with. But why was it still there?Why was it still there? Because it was my kids’ TV. JUDGE DANA: Okay, so youdidn’t sell the TV. You sayshe gave it to this man. In reactionto what your wife didor what you think she did, you sold everything. The Kids’ TVthat my mom gave me. And that wasthe only thing in the house. And then you gave the TVto your non-boo. JUDGE KEITH: Your friend, yeah. (LAUGHING) I don’t evenhave words for this. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Let me just say this. Howland,why you were like, “Uh-huh. How did you find outthat the TV had beengiven to this gentleman? Her cousin told me. So what happened?What did you do? I went up thereand got the TV from the guy. That’s whenme and the guy talked,and the guy was like, “Man, she didn’t tell methat she was married. JASON: And the guy said,”Well, you know, she.” Oh, he knewyou were married? Yeah. “You know, she had beenwriting me three months “before I got out,sending me money, right?” I’m like, “What?”And mind you,I know this guy. Like, me and this guy,I know him. So, you know the guy, you go to getthe television, and he tells you,A, “I didn’t knowshe.” B, “I’ve been writingand talking to her.” And then the one that reallysends you over the.

Top, “She been sending me money.

Back when me and Jasongot together, I was stilltalking to him back then. But, as far as now,I wasn’t sending any money. Okay, but yougave him a television. Did you ask him,”Are you and my wifehaving sex?”.

Were actually having sex? From her. JUDGE DANA: So she told you? Yes. And so, what didthat conversation look like? It was adeliberately-trying-to-hurt-me conversation.

Want to hurt you”type of stuff. Why? That’s whatI want to know. Why? He hurt me! Why do you feelso much to a man that sacrificeda lot for you? And I have, too. Howland, how do we gofrom that picture right there of the happy timesto you sleepingwith an ex-friend? MARIETTA: When Jasongot hurt, and hestarted getting mean. JUDGE KEITH: And one thingled to. Okay, so was it a sexual thing,was it an emotional connection? What were you looking for? There wasno emotional connection.

So was it like sex,or did you actually have sex? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) It was sex. Was it,like, two times,or was it just two times? It was, like, two times. JUDGE DANA: I don’t knowwhat that means. It was two times! ‘Cause, like two times. (INDISTINCT TALKING) Like, “Well, it was like twobut it was actually four.” That’s what I’m trying to say. So how many timeshave you admitted to? Two. Howland, has she admittedto those two times to you? I mean, yeah.

Her? Do you believethat she. JUDGE KEITH: You thinkthere’s been more? I think it’s more. JUDGE DANA: Do you thinkthere’s somethinggoing on right now? The guy kept callingafter we so called”got back together,” which we never was apart. We’ve always been married,we’ve never been apart. When you walk in your houseand.

See everything gone, what do that tell you? Well. MARIETTA: You do notwant to be with me. You’re splitting upour family, when you walk in your houseand you don’tsee anything in there. What do you thinkyou were telling herwhen you did that? That I was angryand I was mad. Wasn’t it the other signs? And if you wantedto mess up your marriage,this is how you can do it. It sounds to melike you’ve been able to putthe physical in the past.

You are tryingto deal withis this finance piece. Why is thisso important to you,about the finance? Judge, we take.On any given good day,we take care of six kids. You can’t take foodout of my kids’ mouthand give it to a guy. And that breaks your heart,the thought of her doing that. And we worked so hardto do what we do. And we don’t have a lotto make something with,but we make it happen. JUDGE KEITH:That’s a deal-breakerfor you? JASON: What? Your financial? That’s a deal-breaker for you. JUDGE KEITH:Well, we want to getto the bottom of this. The court would like to callcertified polygraph examiner,Michael Williams. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Ron, would youbring Mr. Williamsinto the courtroom? Yes, Your Honor. Williams, Judge Keithis calling you please. You are a certifiedpolygraph examiner. Is that correct? That’s correct.

Case, yougave a polygraph examinationto Mrs. Howland, are youready to hear these results? Yeah.

Monogamous relationshipwith Jason, starting in 2010, “other than the two timesyou have.

Admitted to, “have you hadsexual intercoursewith your ex?” What was her responseto that question? She said, “No.” JUDGE KEITH: What didthe polygraph show? MICHAEL: The subjectshowed a highphysiological response to that particular.

Question,which indicated to me that she wasbeing deceptive. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) JUDGE DANA: (SIGHS) Mrs. Howland, I asked you,and you told me two times. This is your timeto come clean. This man says he loves you,he wants you, and you owe himthe benefit of the truth. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I don’t careif it was ten times100 times, you owe him. How many timesdid you sleep with him? Three times. Howland, “Since beingin a monogamous relationshipwith Jason, starting in 2010, “have you givenyour ex-boyfriend money?” What was her response? She said, “Yes.

Hereand said you didn’t? JASON: (GROANS) Why do you wantto break my heart so bad? Like, why’re youbreaking my heart? Like, what did I do so much. For better or worse,in sickness and in health. I’ve been trying to make upfor what I had done. Howland, when youlook at that picture.

Youget back there? JASON: I don’t know. JUDGE KEITH: You don’t know? JASON: I don’t know. Howland,tell him what you want. I want us to get backto how we was. Before he got hurt,we was happy.We would go to the movies,do this and do that. I don’t want to sleepin the living room. All I want is to bein the bed with him. JUDGE DANA: You don’t havea clue of what you want. Do you want her backin your bed? It’s her bed. My question was,do you want her backin your bed?. That’s what I getwhen I ask him. You do realizethat trust is notjust words, it’s actions.