Melania Trump Couldn't Hide Her Joy While Cuddling A Baby In Ghana #ubox

Baby at a local hospital in Ghana after making a very chic arrival on her first solo trip millennia made a radiant arrival in Ghana on Tuesday morning beaming with delight as she stepped off her plane to begin her first major solo international trip the 48 year old first lady looked stylish as ever as she landed at Coca International.

Airport in the Guinean capital of Accra wearing a burgundy and white striped custom Celine shirt dress and a pair of white heels from Manolo Blahnik pausing at the top of the steps of the military plane which.

Bore the presidential seal to wave to the waiting crowds millennia couldn’t have looked.

Happier as she made her way down the stairs and onto the tarmac narrowly avoiding a wardrobe disaster along the way when her hem began blowing up in the breeze Melania looked as though she may have enjoyed a quick pamper session on the plane and looked refreshed and energetic as she walked out of the aircraft with.

Her long brunette locks styled with a natural wave while her makeup was left low-key with no hint of her signature smoky eye look after stepping on to the tarmac milennia was greeted warmly by Ghana’s first lady Rebecca a coup fo a toe the pair shook hands and spoke for a.

Few minutes with mother of one millenia placing a hand on to Rebecca’s arm as they enjoyed their conversation showing off her diamond wedding band in the process she chose not to wear her large diamond engagement ring however instead modeling the impressive band on her ring finger by itself the u. first lady was then presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers presented to her in a colorful woven basket by.

A young girl in traditional dress who millenia then thanked with a warm hug bending down to embrace the youngster with one hand while holding the floral arrangement in the other.

After greeting several other Ghanaian officials millennia was then led off the tarmac by Rebecca walking past a group of smiling schoolchildren who.

Were all waving American and Ghanaian flags the first ladies then watched on as a group of traditional dancers put on a dynamic performance with millenia leaning.

Over to Rebecca to make several remarks about the energetic show while also clapping delightedly as they can continued the dance from the airport millennia was taken to the Greater Accra Regional Hospital where according to the BBC she watched baby.

Is being weighed as part of a local program funded by US aid that aims to improve nutrition in young children the babies at the hospital are placed insects that are then hung from a.

Hook attached to a scale she also watched a nurse demonstrate how vitamins are administered to babies by mouth and toward the neonatal intensive care unit before stepping out into the waiting area Malini a very sensibly chose to change her shoes swapping her high heels for a pair of simple nude flats a wise decision given that the waiting area was located on a patch of gravel and may well have been incredibly tricky to navigate.
In her pricey stilettos many of the staff members at the hospital.

Looked thrilled to have such a high-profile visitor Millenia appears to have had her heart stolen by one person in particular an adorable baby boy who she spent several minutes.