Fall 2018 Wardrobe Essentials! What's Trending For Fall

Hi you guys and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Jamie I’m so glad you guys are here and I’m super excited to be here right now because we’re talking about all things fall fashion fall trends just anything fall I’m excited to talk about I love it I’m obsessed and I’m very excited to.

Be doing another video for you guys we’re gonna be talking about all that good stuff fall fashion what’s trending this fall season things that I think you need in your wardrobe but before we get into.

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You guys here um so I want to go ahead and get into this video because I’ve been.

Chatting your ear off so let’s go ahead and get into talking about to fall 2018 wardrobe essentials so typically on my channel I do kind of.

Like a fall essentials video and then I do a fall trends video for today’s video I kind of wanted to combine those videos a little bit and kind of just share what I think your fall wardrobe 2018 essentials should be kind of like what’s trending for this season I’m I typically talk about like you know stuff that are classic pieces things that you need in your wardrobe every fall but for this year I kind of want to talk about more trendy things and just things that are kind of like of.

Have kind of like five different trends to talk about today but I have a few pieces for each thing so I’m gonna go ahead and just start with number one and number.

I am obsessed with and it’s number one for a reason on here and that is animal print so animal print is huge and I think that this kind of also falls into this like classic category but for some reason this year it is just like.

Literally everywhere like if you want Instagram you’re gonna scroll through and see like probably multiple bloggers wearing some type of animal print it’s amazing so I think more specifically leopard is huge huge huge I’m seeing a lot of Python and like kind of like reptile print as well but.

I think leopard is just the big one that really stands.

Out so of course when I talk.

About these animal prints I’m talking about all faux animal prints I don’t think there’s any reason to get like a real Python because there’s so many good faux options so just know whenever I talk about animal print it’s always faux animal print just so you guys know so one thing that I think is a really great way to incorporate this style into your wardrobe this season is through a pair of boots so we are.