Ls ( Lesasha) Brush 2 Go Review | Jacky Navarro

I know this is Jackie Navarro and if you are new to my channel welcome please don’t forget to click that subscribe button and for today’s video we are going to review the Latasha LS brush to gold iron and this is a first time in an athlete upon now relearn a wireless so I’m so excited to meet this brush.

And as you can see a makeup Malala mo today I did a tutorial on my look and I will just put the link on the description box so let’s go ahead and review the Latasha.

Brush to go so this is portable anywhere anytime easy to use USB charge and very lightweight I’m subbing evidence of commercial enough thing brush is as heavy as one Apple not so inside you have the instruction manual ROG very sleek magazine and the.

Cable Falacci you in bonito cable on.

Urantia and Marin Champa so my let indicate first diesel so Patna her read its RJ if it’s green fully charged and if it’s powered on Lulu you moonlight Mia and then this is where the cable connector and Miriam indicates.
Burrito and Gong garnish on by a net so.

Margaret pocket or initial shape in a family needs charging period is ninety minutes the young one enough now or two seconds to turn on relationship appliance were ready to use when the second level of leading indicators shown no pink a nothing moment in second indicator so now we’re at the knuckle team first I know so I am as a second level nine we had night it took like one hour I one made our one hour one hundred and thirty seconds young tiny apartment fully onion second.

Layer and may Johnson handle me especially here medulla Adam demand Konami in opinion power kind you don’t birth to a star Sitaram a major major major way before the contest prep another addition my demasiado needed to me here about you know up and move I like puck 9-iron castable mokka paiya petha here mood in this one the Chevrolet Impala I saw in my chirping.

I mean temperature and even yeah 101 and then to 160 180 good enough on this side Reina monotony curve where the Phenom is upon whoever you LS dying if you want to see the review of that one who’s in a coma kind of.

Criminal concentrated popular like I call it the only fair description box so long wires will not family so Chrissy mcgavock or undergo got a spill on my Anja and Kyoto bus will happen time up I was sweating pretty looking going so far I will it is hard to.

Say for now longer the German yet mature I mean it young hold on now oh my gosh not good but we need to have a friend that puts small portion of the career into throwing engineer a bunch of secret box of monastic minutes left so I’m making my progression in the making.

Of a song behind and make sure you have extra power bands for a church don’t I say a British my robot so a critical I’m gonna have and I’ll be back for my final time so and for Amiga committing columns upon pigna anarchy boxes Coulomb mediocre them when you present the body which your home in a fight over young here called shut up fun when I heavy-duty from under me and a client or.

Miami hands chaser or could logic so chromosome Kolkata like I don’t recommend this must recommend that gonna sound.

Crazy little cones now vanilla but this one is also good just you know in case now maybe longer it’s really cause you can among as six ones I’m very very very happy about it check Michigan for the link a lot but it’s not to use so I hope.

You guys like this video and thank you guys for.

Watching don’t forget to click that subscribe button and I will say again on my next video bye stay fabulous.