Asmr {spa} Tingly Hair Treatment ~ Scalp Cleanse, Massage + Style

Welcome to Chili’s my name is Sarah and I’m going to be taking care of you today and you are here for a scalp treatment and massage Oh what does it entail um well it’s a pretty intense procedure basically what I do is I go in I do a scalp check if we find that you have dandruff which it’s.

Becoming you know we’re going.

To remove anything we find so we will remove it it’s actually a super relaxing experience and then I will finish you off by cleaning the hair and with just a.

Spray and dry shampoo together believe it or not I’m putting the powder on top of the scalp and then water on top of it clumps it so it absorbs all the oils and then clumps itself making it easier to brush out and then leaving the scalp of smooth clean and ready for style shampoo if you want I can even run the straightener over it and that’s about.

It so a clinic or a scalp cleaning massage and treatment altogether that’s what yeah so I just need quick information from you and I noticed you’re looking a little bit up at me thank you I’m sorry if I put you up level.

To me it’ll be hard to look down in your scalp so I hope that doesn’t make you uncomfortable thank you and I do just want to.

Ask permission if I may touch you trust me I understand you probably thought that I’m going to be touching your hair before you came but we like to be.

Through and I always like to ask for a good Santa so all right so can I just verify your birthday.

For me we just see suffer statistics at the end of the year.

To see you know the age gap that comes in here and everything else okay so just by your judgment what would you say your hair is dry really.

Dry normal combination oily dry okay okay have you ever been here before and this was already paid for us so we.
Don’t have to worry about the rest time I came in here they just put a.

New clock in no it’s late you’ll have to stay at our little bed-and-breakfast we had one day it’s a pretty unique experience so the first thing I’m going to do is get a little bit closer to you with your permission again let me.

Just we have two bottles similar to that which I’ll be using okay so I’m just going to grab my stick literally it is a chopstick it’s really easy to go through the hair excuse me if you see my hair is actually really in need of a wash and do I dandruff mm-hmm excuse me okay so the first thing I’m going to do is just have you sit where you are just go ahead and.

Look up at me and I’m going to just take this through your hair fold it over and just gently rub my fingers their scalp and we will see if you so you definitely do have some dandruff we don’t um use brushes we use comb so because the dandruff looks so little done this can be easily taken.

Care of I just need to see which areas I need so overall again this can be easily is apply the product and this is going to get the again dandruff.

The same time well happy liquid after so before we begin just so you can relax remember of mind sent this aromatherapy vanilla plus patchouli with natural essential oils a pillow mist so I’m just going to spray this around you this can also be used as a room relaxer it’s better than burning you know oils and things like that I just kind of like a kind of neutral easy I’m looking for the word and I really can’t.

Think of it right now but something light in the nose we don’t want like burning oils where it’s kinda strong so I’m just going to and next we’ll start the treatment by applying some distraction to powder it is the captain banker shove the mermaid dry shampoo and what I’m going to do a dab will do you just kind of sprinkle it on your hair now okay so now I’m just gonna rub it in and loosen up all that dandruff okay okay and now what.

We’re gonna do so I’m gonna loosen up loosen it up even more you may have seen this brush before it feels really good on the scalp and then from there we are going to apply the liquid and I’m gonna screw it and then finish you up with a nice oily dead for the hair massage okay so let me just so and then I’m just going to go through again with my hands and then take the brush and it should be all.

Dusted out everywhere and don’t be alarmed it’s no problem if there’s a little bit of dandruff on the floor there’s nothing wrong at the end once I am finished with my oil massage I’m going to a nice hot towel here let me actually.

Put it in the dish don’t be alarmed with the brown stains it’s just from sitting on the heater too long so in the heater come on it’s a nice.

Damp wet towel will mist it up against the sides of your face it’ll be really warm and cozy it’s a really good feeling okay let’s check your scalp here so you are about ready let me just go ahead and begin I’m gonna take the brush now okay all right my nose is really itchy yesterday I had my undereyes felled as you can tell they aren’t 100% full yet need.

A couple days for them to plump up but sneaking all around here each especially around my nostrils so I just wanted to apologize if you see me like picking at my face like a junkie and we could be sent super homemade so I’m just going to apply a little bit very small amount one or two drops very nice right okay I’m just gonna.

Smooth this saj through every hand or every strand every hand okay so let me finish you off and keep it down okay just going to cover your face with this very quickly okay so let me grab the comb did you want me to run the straightener over it if you’d like absolutely I’m happy to do that let me grab the comb it I don’t know if somebody’s trying to mow their grass this late at night but if.

They are I really apologize for the extra sound so I won’t be long that way you can relax honestly you’d think they’d get.

That fixed by now this is an cordless strainer so it’s already hot just I’m sorry it sounds like they’re weedeater this late at night isn’t working it’s okay anyway because you pretty much done well you are finished in your hair looks amazing I really really hope you enjoyed the.

Massage and I’m gonna let you go thank you so much for coming to the spa and I hope to see you next.

Time on quiet our circumstances have a good night bye.