Small Business Round Table W/ Renee Unique

Hi my name is Renee unique main event on small business tonight we are at the tuners ville deli on 1st and oh the pizza pub I’m here with Michelle Davis Leah rich and Shai Walker and these are some wonderful beautiful ladies that I have grown to basically different things in a community we have done together different events so.

I’m gonna pass the mic and we’re gonna start with Shai Walker and she’s gonna explain a little bit about what she does and her.

Services and products hello hello so my name is Shawna Walker like she said but I go by shy and I am not shy first question I always get my brand is GI t wellness which stands for get it together wellness it’s a natural health and wellness firm and I do a bunch of different things in a community but my main goal is to get people moving their stuff back into.

Alignment learning how to make their body work for them instead of against them and basically learning how to heal themselves using natural remedies instead of.

Going to the medicine go into doctors getting the same answers you know are not getting answers to their questions about their health they can just start learn how to do it they’re so so part of what I do is so natural health and wellness products some of our most popular products though is our ISO C and it’s.

A detox II it’s made out of nine and this C helps with all kind of different things so like.

I said it’s nine herbs there’s no additives or anything and it helps with reducing stress reducing your high blood pressure high blood pressure lowering cholesterol you know help with weight loss.

Of course so that’s what a lot of people like it for because we promote it as lose five pounds or five days so.

That’s what everybody likes it for but I personally care more about your health then you losing weight so I tell you it gets it starts closing your digestive tract getting your system to work I.

Was supposed to work optimally so that’s why I sell people a drink it start detoxing after you detox your body you can start absorbing nutrients how it supposed to absorb so I tell people to start with a detox tea and after the detox see our multivitamin and new Traverse now this new Traverse is 98 percent absorbent opposed to multivitamin pills you’ll find in the store which is you know ten twenty to thirty percent absorbent max you’re gonna be absorbing all.

Of the nutrients again and it actually has 72 multivitamins in it nineteen amino acids 22 piyo nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

So you get your full servings.

Of fruits vegetables enzymes and all that just.

From one tablespoon of this a day so this is my favorite right here you get your energy it gets everything moving right and like I said a few detox you’ll be able to absorb the nutrients better so I love that and then I took the liberty since it doesn’t taste bad but it’s not the best so I.

Took the liberty of making these by the pots which is a multivitamin pot so one of these a day is your full servings.

Of fruits vegetables enzymes and all that just one of these and it’s good and I.

Don’t have any additives or anything in it so I make the fruit juice out of.

Fresh fruit no fruit juices from the store or anything like that with no sugar I don’t add sugar it’s just sugar from the fruit that’s saying that but they’re really good and like I said you get some awesome vitamin and are nutrients in it.

So yes yes you can try one that one right there that she’s trying is the very birth so that strawberry raspberry.

And blueberry and then I got my tropical fusion and this one is mango pineapples and peaches so yes and.

Then the teas so the tea comes like this you have to brew it four to eight hours or we have singles.

Which just as a guide to every dietary fiber and you can put it in a water bottle shake it up and just drink one of those a day but a lot of.

People like this so this has to brew 48 hours and you get this but I noticed that when I was.

Selling it some people I always check in some people wasn’t brewing it because they didn’t want to waste the 48 hours so I started selling it like this also where I’ll make it for you.
You live in Louisville I deliver.

It to you and I also make different fruit flavors so this one over here we have is the strawberry flavor and like I said no sugar or anything added to that besides the natural sugar from the fruit but yes your.

Body will start filling now.

I’m telling you right now it’s sinus and allergy time so between these two if y’all got finest allergy problems like me I’m telling you this will help your.

Sinus and allergy to help with your acne right you.

Live in Kentucky so yes you will happen but I’m telling you it helps with that 1 2 tablespoon of this multivitamin everything start working better if you.

Guys formation the side of your body it starts getting rid of the inflammation mostly I know inflammation causes pain if y’all got acne on your face people trying to find face creams and stuff you got to.

Work from inside out so yes you start it’s nice being rid of that inflammation from the inside and.

In these ladies don’t start getting rid.

Of the information from the outside and you just be beautiful so you want to work from the inside out and then on top.

General girl Bardstown Road 53:24 Bardstown Road.

It’s called one-stop fitness and basically we have a bunch of different.

Health and fitness brands together in there creating a one-stop shop for you all so we got weekly group fitness classes all the trainers in there.

We have a massage therapist on deck I teach the Zumba classes every Saturday 10:30 to 11:30 being another lady mica so we kind of rotate or you know when one can’t do the other but yes we have a good time in there for real that’s high-intensity and then.

On Wednesdays from 7 to 8 I teach a therapeutic Alice in.

This class which is like mobility any type of things so if you got pains in your body starting to move those joints in different ways to start alleviating that pain like I said working out that inflammation so it’s.

A two-step you know what I’m saying I do the fitness part get you moving and then I give you the nutrients.

To support what I’m trying to do and then on top as you doing all these things your body’s gonna start feeling better and you’re gonna be able.