My Night Time Skin Care Routine (clear Skin!)

Hey cutie it’s your girl and I kinda have to be quiet right now because it’s like what I am so I’ve been on the prowl for some nice skincare products and I stumbled upon this brand called bio clarity cuz I always tell them on YouTube so I tore that out for a while and I really liked it so.

Thank You bio clarity for sponsoring this video I do have a couple that’s right ASSA t cuz I’ve been so stressed with like moving and hauling everything so here’s the outfit of the night and.

Don’t worry I have pants on okay and she was a real long like hoodie jacket thingy so.

I guess looking at or of the bathroom so far I have like a gray rug everything is kind of like gray neutral here I have like a cabinet I just keep stuff in and then here’s my shower I just have a white curtain big bathtub yada yada yada anyways.

Okaying lee and a homegirl sleepy so let’s get this makeup off step 1 – having clear skin take your makeup off it’s like this is an obvious I’m just gonna grab an ordinary makeup wipe here’s the thing like.

My biggest trouble is actually taking my makeup off 1 hour sleep ok so I mean look these sleeves.

Up so I used to have like the oiliest and ever and I still have pretty oily skin so show your on my t-zone it’s like why I’m like always shiny over there but now I have.

Kind of like combination so my skin here is like normal and then over here it’s like oily in the t-zone so I’ve been using bio clarity.
For a while and I’ve been using their clear skin routine lines.

With the breakouts so if you get lots of zits or acne I would definitely use this line over the other ones oh I’m gonna need a hair tie like the ugliest when it comes to ponytails and like buns like I just I look like a boy I never look good my hair down well this’ll look not even kidding like back in high school every girl were like where her hair like this literally was like a jacket like this when you’re walking down I don’t.

Like do a bun like how do people do this okay I’m officially Tinkerbell okay so now I’m going to rinse my face of water okay so the cleanser has cucumber and green tea which is real nice that always works I’m I just.

A little bit and then if you have like dry skin I don’t know why it took me so long to say that they have the essentials routine online which I haven’t tried out but I know that this one.

Works for mine so if you have like dry or normal skin that one will probably help you out better off and the one thing okay so I try out skincare products all the time and the.

One thing I look for is like I want to make sure that the cleanser doesn’t strip the oils out of my skin or my face literally.

Turns like so dry afterwards where it’s like dying from moisturizer this one’s awesome because it doesn’t do that yeah I just kind of like rub this around my face until so okay I’m gonna wash this off oh I.

Hate this tells already wet because I showered earlier and then I always Pat my face I don’t rub it hmm put this here hopefully it dries off by the morning otherwise I’m gonna be having a bad shower but BAM but because.

I’ve been breaking out you could almost say use a face mask we’re gonna party it up can I keep my.