Google Integration With Volvo At Google I/o 2018

Everyone’s showing from beetle trends and we’re here in a Volvo car checking out some new enhancements to this car specifically in the infotainment system you might think it’s Android auto but it isn’t I’m here with Dylan Thomas from the Android auto partnerships team and he’s gonna run us through some of the key features of this car yeah absolutely.

So uh thanks for the intro we’re gonna show a couple of.

Things some of them around Android so this is running Android peers you just indicated it’s actually a system running Android it’s not there’s no phone involved here and the second thing that we’re pretty excited about this.

Year is introducing not just Maps and the assistant but also the ecosystem in the shape.

Of the Play Store so I’ll show you those in a quick run-through but first of all let me kind of point you out.

How Volvo’s used Android to create this user experience that they call census UI just like I Android on a phone they have some system user experience or UI components but they’re at.

The top in this case rather than the bottom so I could look at the rear view camera the apps the users and vehicle functions there’s elements.

Of this like notifications so that you know an Android developer writing an app should expect that if they send a notification it’ll show up somewhere so that’s kind of a key part of this is the seamless integration of apps the second thing is integrating with the vehicle hardware itself so down here we’ve got the HVAC or the comfort controls and this pipes down all the way through to the vehicle Hardware in a way that’s very standardized so that regardless of which car actually.

You want to change the temperature in the the app calls the same API to do that then it can talk with the the different hardware on a per OM basis so this isn’t really Android auto right this is a custom version of Google.
Built into this or Android specifically I suppose built in.

Yeah yeah a little nuance there is that yes our Android.

Auto being the thing I would like plug my phone in and project something into the car almost regardless of what the OS is in the car we are showing today the Android operating system is in the car it’s powering this whole experience so this this screen right here is actually an Android app right it happens to be one for HVAC but it’s an Android app written.
By the Volvo team and you also specifically mention that if you.

Do this you get notifications yeah how much of this is tied to your phone and that say for example is it limited to I know it’s a Google Play Store is available as well so can you actually install for example.

Like facebook Messenger well you get notifications like that would that be distracting you know how is it limited in certain types of apps yeah so that well there’s a few questions in there so number one yes there is a there is a ecosystem there’s a store in fact let me just show you that if you.

Go down here to look at all the apps that I’ve got installed there’s a new one now this is something we’re working on actively but this is the Google Play Store.

For automotive and you can see to answer your first question is it all the apps no it’s the ones that are gonna work well in an automotive setting so here are sort of the essentials the most popular streaming messaging media and and you really pointed it out well is that these today are the the apps that do work on Android auto and the reason they work in this car as well as because they implement the same API is okay so that’s powerful for developers where they do one piece of work and.

It now works on any of these Android automotive surfaces so that’s one and then yeah so I could install an app here here I.

Mean it’s already installed easier I can uninstall it and it’s user choice so you know there’s what’s come there’s what comes with the car and then there’s what I as the owner of the car want to bring into the car myself okay that’s that’s the real power of the ecosystem is the user choice so for both Google there’s an.

App developer for Volvo as a provider of a device and the driver they all.

Get what they want right so to get the built-in apps like that which is important but then the ones that they want to bring in as.

Well like the maps and the media apps and so forth yeah and then the second thing you mentioned.

Was the notifications I think that’s an area that’s evolving I mean we’ve got to figure out what’s a good safe experience there I think.

Built in the right fundamentals to the operating system the right hooks for it and then we got to work closely with our OEM.

Partners to figure out what’s a safe experience there because clearly you know Bing Bing Bing Bing Bing rhyming being is not good right on the other hand not getting a notification that you’re you know a notification.

Saying hey your oil is running low it’s kind of a problem.

Right there’s some there’s something in between well so I saw some of those messaging apps for example so how intense it like if.

I’m having a conversation with someone I know the.

Idea is that you can press that button and actually can you actually do that with third-party applications for example or is that something they have to develop for using Google assistant api’s.

Maybe in yeah so that the the assistant is what.

We use as kind of the UI if you like for messaging apps so that should be pretty seamless I mean you see that.

Today in Android auto in fact excuse me in terms of notifications I think one of the things we’ve done today is you can mute a.

Conversation so if it’s just getting.

Distracting or too much you can say hey I’m done let.

Me let me just let me just mute that one so again we haven’t we don’t have the full story yet because the car isn’t in production but we definitely want to make sure that we have the right safety in mind that’s that’s the number-one job and then we can back off for that too what seems reasonable for the user cool so yeah but then we could step through a couple.

Of apps here so we looked at the place though which is sort of bring the ecosystem awesome we’ve worked pretty closely on Google.

Maps the team has spent a lot of time making sure that.

This fills this great big screen here what’s interesting in cars actually is that unlike phones which are all sort of like black rectangles.