My name is Marvin Reid I’m the director of the tropical metabolism Research Unit and unit within the cabin Institute for Health Research on the moon campus University West Indies there are two components to that question first is that nutrition does play a role in causing this problem and secondly in efficient can play a role in making the condition.

Better so let’s start with hypertension for example beveren suggests that individuals who consume large quantities of salt or sodium fluoride are greater risk of having hypertension in.

Addition to that there is some evidence as well that if it is that you consume correspondingly large quantities of potassium then you can use that to reduce your blood pressure so generally speaking the high blood pressure by definition is defined as an individual whose blood pressure numbers is above a.

Particular level the cutoff point that is traditionally used is a top number systolic of 140 millimeters of mercury and or the bottom number which is greater than or equal to 9 millimeters of mercury typically question that people always poses which one of these numbers are more dangerous the factoring of walls are equally.

Important so having said that the first kind of strategy nutritional strategy.

That an individual me practice who as hypertension is really to become if they are overweight to try and see they can reduce the weight to normally because.

Obesity is also one of the risk factors or one of the condition that increases the chances that you are hypertensive the second strategy that an individual can employ is.

To look at what it is that they are eating because high soul consumption of high sodium consumption is one of the factors that contribute to you the common hypertensive salt is found in all foods of virtually but it is usually much higher concentrations in salted meats usually a very high concentration in teen.

Products because we usually use some form of sodium salt as a preservative for a lot of our tanning products so a simple recommendation would be that one you try to move sausages in salt fish for example of Kanpur or inner those high assaulted needs that you remove the.

Salt before either by boiling or soaking essential everything is reduced the quantities of food that you consume that are from cans.

Of tin and move sauce from food party preparation for eppley salted food and do not add salty food after it is that you’ve been apparently the other strategy for hypertensive persons is really to increase their food consumption because most foods typically are rich in potassium and potassium could be viewed or classically as an antagonist for.

The sodium what we mean by that is that it opposes some.

Of the actions and soda when it does so foods rich in potassium for example a banana and so on almost.

Foods are useful attributes a useful therapy useful things that you can consume that help reduce the error your blood sugar blood pressure numbers also know the recommendations is that.

You should have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables per day and so someone with hypertension we would normally recommend that you even for that basic minimal.