Weight Loss Wednesday | Cook With Me | Instant Pot Cabbage Soup

They come riding guys pointing or looking a little tired today Mama’s looking a little tired today I didn’t get much sleep last night but um I’ve already waived myself for the day I’ll insert that clip before this one she’s showing you what I’m having with part of my good morning get ready get pumping get the mama chores done.
Routine I drink the you like.

The way it smells don’t you smell good.

Mm-hmm it is the Bigelow vanilla chai can you show me show them that way okay it is so yummy so yummy I have that actually brewing here for a couple or steeping for a full minutes and with that I do a little bit of the coffee mate pumpkin spice coffee creamer it’s not the sugar-free one I tend to not feel good when I drink this.

Stuff that has the chemicals in it so I allow myself a little splurge and then a splash not a splash probably like three tablespoons of vitamin D organic whole milk aimed in an espresso I don’t even know what model this is but it came with the Breville Breville and espresso.
Coffee maker candy that my husband has.

And Frost’s the milk I don’t know if you can see that steams and frost some milk in there so good so how yummy does that look that’s the good hmm okay I don’t know no more oh you’ve got someone you.

Nosey it’s not just II say it what’s going is it Glade woodsy good it wasn’t so good hey one more piece okay okay that’s enough for you you go have yours alrighty we’re gonna get our mama chores done our daily tasks all right guys so for.
Lunch today I’m actually going to.

Be sharing a recipe kind of like cook with me style I will have a voice over as I am adding the ingredients just so you can keep track of the recipe but I will have it linked in the.

Downbar as well it’s just a simple cabbage soup recipe it’s something that’s all over the Internet I do mine in the instant.

Pot it’s chock full of healthy vegetables it’s pretty low carb it does have some.

Higher carb vegetables in it but not enough to make a substantial weight gain on my card base sorry for the come here come here why do you take sissy shirt off come put it on mommy help you so without further.

Ado we’ll get cooking and non life but now I’m standing in corner I see from across room it’s kind.

Of crowded here but I know you see me too everybody singing ole everybody singing all it is about you it must be anyway just say you want me to we got nothing see looking so looking so now I’m.

Moving closer to you and it’s getting dark in this room tell me what you wanna do babies let me love just say the word and we can leave this place I’ll take you anywhere you want as long as we’re together everything we do you got me going you got me going now I’m moving closer to you and it’s getting dark in this room tell me what you wanna do baby.

Let me love so she took about 45 minutes for it to come to pressure and then cook for the 30 minutes and then depressurize when it was fished and there is it smells so good Jamaica soup yeah yes we did we made soup and it smells so good it smells like cabbage so my husband is not a fan of the.

Smell of cabbage he’ll eat it he tolerates it but not a fan of the smell and I’ll probably be hearing about it when it comes over work today but.