Trick Yourself Into Working Out! – My Game Changer!

Look it’s me in the same pants as last time can they be called pants I feel like they should have another term pajamas is that it okay I got it also a camel in this video again this time it looks like my hair might catch fire and it is a real candle but we have a safe distance so.

Rest assured everybody’s fine in both scenarios I was kind of mean to you guys in the last video because in the actual video before I even sat down on the bed.

I told you guys that the candle wasn’t real but then when I was editing I was like I’m gonna mess with that man I switched it up though editing Maurice got to get her kicked somehow thanks for letting it be at your expense this is a video that I wanted to make for a.

Couple of months those of you who’ve been follow me on Instagram especially you know that I have lost almost 30 pounds in that like 28 pounds 29 pounds 27 pounds I keep fluctuating back and forth I will let you know when I hit those 30 pounds.

Though you guys have been sending me so many messages especially in my DMS on Instagram about how I finally was able to start like working on a.

Regular basis and making that mental shift I’ve been very public about not being one of those people who enjoys working out I don’t believe Elle Woods that I actually get happy endorphins after working.

Out and now nearly a year into working on a regular basis I can.

Still say that’s true I know so many women who are super motivated they put their mind to something and it’s like point a point B and they do whatever they can to go straight shot there then there’s those of us.
In the other category we’re.

The kind of people that finally get around to filming a video past midnight we have tried-and-true procrastination techniques and while these people are all about their power suits and their power moves and the hashtag hustle.

We’re over here about our power naps so it’s hard for us folk to.

Get up and get moving and keep it on a regular basis until it becomes a life time routine I just won’t ever be that girl where it feels good to like bring myself to the brink of pain because I’m working out so hard and I wish I was those people are amazing to me the marathon runners.

Impressed by them I’m gonna be the one waiting with a space blanket to make you.

Cozy at the end of your run and a bowl of pasta because I want to enjoy your accomplishment with something that I understand and this is the version that I understand for those of you that have my same kind of brain I have.

Two videos for you this would mean the first one on ways that I was able to shift my thinking in order.

To get myself on to a like lifestyle of working out and being healthier so I’m gonna give you these two videos which are relatively simple so the first one’s gonna be.

On like workout hacks or maybe it’s mindset hacks and the second one will be on food hacks I won’t go into that one too much now you’ll have to watch the second video and then hopefully I’ll answer.

Most of your questions in these two videos and any questions you have leftover about my entire lifestyle change in general.

You can ask in a Q&A that I will do after that so three videos in total and then you’ll know everything there is to know about how I have started to transform myself Before we jump in today’s video is sponsored.

By kapowee I have been looking for an all-natural aluminum free deodorant for years I have proof these are some of the rejects natural deodorants that are sitting in my cupboard and it’s not even all that.

I have there was some that seemed to perform okay not as good as the traditional.

Brands that I was used to but I hated the smell no matter how many different scents that I tried I couldn’t find one that smelled good I resigned to think that that was just the way that it was for natural deodorant and figured I would just pick the.

Least of the evils as I’ve tried more and more there have been some where Ryan has told me that I.

Smell like a Christmas tree there’s been others that have made me nauseous and given me rashes underneath my arms it’s really tricky to find a natural deodorant that you love I’ve asked for you guys to give me your suggestions of brands to.

Use and somebody even said cope re so when they reached out to me I was really excited to give it.

A try I’ve been trying everything else in the world I know it’s hard sometimes to take youtuber serious when you know that there’s a sponsorship involved but I’m not kidding this is my.

Answer it’s so good me you you mean it’s so good the Christmas pine tree deodorant that I talked about totally left me with what felt like a chemical burn underneath my arms and I looked into the ingredients and it was because they use baking soda so then I was trying to find ones that didn’t have baking soda in.

It which is tricky to find it doesn’t have baking soda silicones parabens GMOs sulfates.

All of the buzzwords that you don’t want to hear in your natural products it’s free of them it goes on clear and smooth there’s no.

Residue it smells so good that I want.

Over my face here’s a true-to-life story for you today so I’ve been wearing this all week I wore it this morning and actually had something really hard happen this morning which.

Left me in tears when I came home I’m okay my family is okay but life is sometimes and so I came home and I cried into my husband’s arms and he was reassuring me and then in the middle of me talking and.

Trying to like decompress about what was going on he’s sort of glazed over while snuggling me and I looked at him and I was like are you.

Even listening to me and he just went like he smells so good I love it I love the way it smells so much.

You are the highlight of my week is that sad maybe I don’t care it brings me joy KO party is currently running a campaign called the truth sphinx about aluminum and why you don’t want it in your deodorant they have a deodorant subscription so you don’t have to worry about reordering and.
They gave me a unique link which you can see here who party beauty.

You use the link in the description box you get five dollars off your first order thank you guys so how many of you guys watch Legally.

Me back in the day and when she stood up and did her whole court case thing about how happy people have endorphins because they workout and happy people don’t murder people and you thought oh that’s not me I am friends with those people who say that they can’t function until they’ve had a morning run and those that are super.

Energized after they have a workout but I’m definitely not that person I’ve even gone to the doctor to have them like check my thyroid and my hormones and stuff like that because after working out I feel extremely exhausted and extremely grumpy I kind of feel reminiscent of what I’m like PMSing it’s not.

Fun and it doesn’t give me any sort of oomph to want to get up and like push myself into uncomfortableness killing myself for a workout when I know I’m just gonna feel crummy afterwards too and because that I just had the blanket statement of I hate working out laid over everything and so I want to tell you what I found that works for me I’m not saying that it does.

Work for you but maybe if you are in my same cup of cozy lounge pants naps yes please community then maybe.

These things would work for you too and if they don’t maybe they’ll inspire you to find something that does work like a close related cousin idea kind of thing one I.

Can’t have actually working out be the focus.

Of what I’m doing – it has to include me time I can’t do it with kids running around me and climbing on me and dinner cooking the background and all that kind of thing and three I realized I really like getting out of my house and having it be like a set apart piece of my day which is super surprising to me because I’m totally a homebody the idea of turning place into a bunker that I don’t have.

So much so I was shocked that I really liked working out away from my house several of my friends loved working out at home so this is a sort of you situation but don’t write it.

Off because I really thought I was not this girl either it’s like when you’re sure that an outfit isn’t gonna look good on you and then your mom’s like just try it on just try it on and then you put it on and you love.

It it’s like one of those things did that ever happen to you my mom used to do that to me all the time so this past summer I signed our whole family up for a membership at the Y I chose it.

Because I had the best childcare and I very quickly.

Learned that if I am counting reps on the machines if I’m looking at my calories or trying to work out for a certain number of minutes then I absolutely hate it there but you know what they have at almost every gym cable-tv you know what else they have childcare so that means two hours of my day can be mean.

I feel like I unlocked a level of parenting because the Y doesn’t just babysit they have like actual enrichment programs your kids make art projects they have seasonal things right now.

They’re making pumpkin related.

Crafts and things and the kids area is incredible they have a giant indoor play structure there’s some sort of like.

Laser dodgeball game on the wall where you’re hitting lasers instead.

Of actual other people so I have two hours that are free of mom guilt I this sounds like such a cheesy cliche thing to say but it’s like mind-blowing to me because that doesn’t ever.

Happen I’m usually feeling guilty about not paying attention to my kids when I’m doing anything else so.

When I first started working out at the Y and I got to be totally free of that mom guilt for up to two hours I felt like I leveled up but setting that aside let’s say the childcare thing wasn’t enough to keep me there then the final barrier that I needed to get through was actually focusing on working out by watching the calorie counter or the time for any of the workout stats it was making me focus on every single motion that I was making so.

I very quickly learned that you can flip the screens to being live TV I would find a.

Channel that I did not have access to at home I would give myself goals based off of.

What they were doing on the shows this is where a procrastination comes into play for us because I have tricked myself and I.

Feel like I’m a genius for this into feeling like I’m procrastinating while I’m actually doing the hard task thing that think I’m procrastinating my way through does that make sense my long-standing tried-and-true technique now is that I without fail will go to the gym I put that screen on the Food Network so fast I know it seems.

Counterintuitive to watch people make delicious things when I myself am trying to not eat those delicious things but for some reason it works for me you figure out what works for you maybe it’s true crime dramas but here’s the science behind my method there’s a solid chunk of time in these shows from when they start their recipes until they take that like very satisfying delicious bite and I will get on the machine and go go go go go go go.

Not stopping working up a sweat not looking at any of my stats until they take that light and then when they do I give myself a quick.

Check-in I’m usually super impressed about how far the calorie count has gone if I feel like I’m sick of that machine then I get off hop on.

Another one they always do a couple of recipes in those shows so I’ll do the same thing again and the Food.

Network totally has a formula so their formula works with my formula I burn calories while they.

Consume calories my children are having the time of their life it has made working out something I look forward to because I’m not looking forward to the working out at all I’m looking forward to watching uninterrupted Food Network and feeling like a great mom because my kids are so thrilled every single time we go so I go work out at the gym twice a week but then the other thing I found is that there is more than just Zumba out there for dance.

Workouts and so I found one that I affectionately call my booty booty shake shake class there’s a lot of twerking which I can’t do there’s a lot of a lot that I can’t do actually but it’s fun.

And I like to pretend that I am at my auditions for a pitch-perfect or sometimes at my Dallas Cowboys cheerleading practice whatever I want to be inside my own head and I’m moving my body for an entire hour and I have so.

Much fun doing it that I now take that dance class three times a week so for me the key has been figuring out how to workout without focusing on the workout if.

I’m watching TV and I’m dancing so for those of us in procrastination nation that doesn’t feel right lie to yourself to the benefit of yourself you have my permission the last thing that I do to just really push myself over the edge is I will do mini workouts there’s several apps where it’s only like 7-minute abs Ryan and I will do those.

Together at home and even though it’s cliche to say it’s always better to have.

A buddy doing things with you so if you can get your spouse involved or a friend to join the gym with you some sort of accountability it really does help create a challenge with your friend find an.

App you both like set a schedule for when you’re gonna do it and then keep each other accountable so.

That you actually do it it’s like the least motivational one for me but I do love a community affair which is.

Why I love you guys and where I want to share this hopefully something in there was a little bit helpful if you guys have any I don’t like to work out Fitness hacks please leave them below I feel like for.

Me I unlocked hidden knowledge like if this life of Marie were a video game I have found secret levels in secret rooms and glowing with the superpowers now and running faster and jumping taller so it was info I wanted to share so the next video will be on how I figured out how to eat things without feeling like I’m missing out too much.

Because once again I do not.

Have strong willpower I am NOT the girl who’s going to deny myself a cookie and I need to feel like I have delicious things and traits in my life in order to be able to like maintain this so we’ll dive into that next time start thinking of questions too because we are going to do a Q&A after that on.

Anything else that I haven’t answered in these two videos I hope you guys got something.

Out of this I was excited to tell it and now I’m like is.

This just a mean thing maybe it’s just a me thing if it doesn’t you watched and I love you for it leave me a workout related emoji below if you got to this part thumbs up subscribe hit the notifications I’ll see you next time and then I go to turn the camera off if I get a weird close-up shot.

On my face it’s just so weird it’s like a fish and then we turn you up.