Bite Beauty Astrology Lip Set | No Words.

Hey you guys what’s up how’s it going for today’s video I’m going to be sharing with you guys a review and lip swatch video on a new adorable set that by PD recently released and you guys knew I had to get my hands on this so this is the new bite Beauty astrology by a bite Minnie amuse-bouche lip.

Stick set yes so this set retails for $75 on Sephora site and we’ll go ahead and have a link down below if you guys want to pick it up for yourself it is a limited edition for the holiday.

Season and I’m just like so thrilled they came out with something like this because it’s like they read my mind you know it’s a little bit of information 5ut went ahead and released a full-size lipstick for every single month of the year basically that month sign so we have like virgo Scorpio cancer all of that.

Pick up Scorpio because I’m a Scorpio and I was going to but the muties bougie lipsticks retail for 26 bucks and as much as I wanted.
The whole collection just because I’m very into astrology I don’t want.

To spend 26 bucks on full-size lipsticks but then I said that there would be something like this.

And I was like genius genius I did not pick up the full size Scorpio sheet instead I settled for something like this and I’m not even.

Settling because I’m getting so much in here you know and I’m just so happy about this anyways once you open up this set first of all comes in a stunning box but you guys know.

I’m gonna be displaying on these shelves but it opens up just like that there’s no mirror or anything is just an astrology by fight then I use a little pamphlet.

Paper showing the colors of each month and their signs and look how everything is beautifully situated stunning you.

Guys know I love doing lip swatch videos and I just cannot miss out on this one plus I have every single month of the.

Year yeah so I do the calculations there are twelve lipsticks in here obviously one for every single month of the year if you break that down woo if you.

Down it comes out to six dollars and 25 cents per lipstick which I think it’s a really good value and deal because let me just talk about the by PD lipstick formula in general the muse boost lipsticks they’re really amazing I reviewed these small little uh.

Holiday said that they released last month or two months back and you guys know I’ve been speaking up constantly their amazing quality lipsticks their food weight so technically you could lick your lips all day and you’ll be fine there are a bunch of different shades to choose from from the muse booze line like literally I think maybe even over a hundred.

Lipsticks or something in this line for everyone the quality and the.

Formula of the lipsticks though really creamy pigmented smell amazing lasts the whole day with some shades you will go ahead and have to wear a lip liner just because they could bleed out of the.

Lip line a little bit but to the most part literally like up there and they feel so.

It’s kind of like a lip balm plus full-on pigmentation of lipsticks you know what I’m saying super super.

Thrilled about this I’m gonna go ahead and get started with lip swatches so you guys can see how they look on my lips and then I’ll talk to you guys a little bit more.

Towards the end of the video above such a good like finally finally you know okay let’s go so firstly don’t worry my ratchet nail polish apparently did not stand.

The test of time I’m getting the done tomorrow so anyways this is the first shade we have up this is cancer and you guys can see their little sign of cancers right there which i think is a super cool detail every single lipstick has it indicating which sign lipstick it is but yeah this one right here is cancer I actually find it pretty ironic that I chose out the shade cancer because I put all.

These shades out on my desk so I can swatch from lightest to darkest and I picked out.

Are the odds and why do I say this because the guy that I was with for like three years was the cancer isn’t that insane but fun fact Scorpios and cancers.

Pairs so well together I mean I guess not cuz we’re not together anymore but I mean we had really good times okay anyway I just think it was really cute anyways here’s how these shade cancer looks online it kind of describes a sheet as a neutral pink I would not describe it as that I think it’s more like a Mafia SH purpley grungy.

Ish type of color it’s Mabi but not a typical mauve type of shade you know what I’m saying really sunny though.

So pretty more in the neutral shot side so you can totally wear it like on a day to.

Day basis here’s something actually that we have up and this.

One right here it is Gemini too okay so I personally feel that this that had 12 lipsticks just because.

There’s 12 months of the year but now that I’m looking at it there’s two Gemini’s with Gemini – and then Gemini which I’m not understanding because isn’t is just one of the month one sign.

Per month if you guys understand it then please let me know but anyways there are 13 lipsticks in this collection so that brings it down I feel so whatever now cuz I’m still confused.
Myself 75 divided by 13 is five.

Dollars and seventy seven cents as opposed to six songs of twenty five cents each anyways so here’s how these shaded Gemini looks like on the.

Lips stunning beautiful basic PC nude which you guys know my life is completely about and then here’s how it looks like once it’s swatched super stunning I feel like every single person would love this kind of shade I feel like it’s nude but not like couldn’t steal the renu-it you know and.

It too so I feel like you really would compliment everyone every single stole of 13 and I’m.

Saying love this color didn’t actually that we.

Have up is Libra which is my sister sign and my mother is so that’s kind of exciting so here’s how Libra.

Looks like on the lips a super stunning deepened cofee brownish color.

Which we do not see a lot of I feel like this kind of shade was pretty popular maybe in the 90s which is when I was born I don’t know if it was super popular than because obviously I was like three four.

Five six years old but if I remember correctly I do remember seeing my mother winged such shades when I.