Titanic Makeup Collection Is Coming! + Disney Peter Pan Mermaids! | Makeup Minute

Hello I’m Jan and this is your daily makeup minute for October 26 2018 launching today the give me globe grunge palette and lipsticks at noon central right now Coastal Scents is having their 99-cent single shadow sale a great time to stock up or fill in Besame will launch the Disney Peter Pan mermaid lagoon 1953 collection at the dapper.

Day Expo on November 3rd and then on Besame cosmetics calm on November 5th.

Happy mess is a new company which dedicates itself to expressing your true self we shadow duo’s or shimmery singles at $5 each 9.

And lipsticks from $8 to $10 perhaps we can all find a little happiness tear is.

Having a buy one get one when you use code BOGO flash through October 28th or while supplies last terms at the.

Site excludes the Grinch collection Marlena is finalizing the rebranded collection shades for makeup geek new foils too and it looks like.

Solo look has their next concept by popular demand that’s it for now we’ll see you here same time Monday look for makeup minute extras on my Instagram and don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast what’s up and makeup every Sunday morning on YouTube.