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Hi friends welcome back to my channel today’s video I’ll show you how you can remove unwanted hair with two simple ingredients it’s all natural ingredients you can use it on your face or any body parts you want to remove hair from right I’m take a piece and get the spine right part of all the pieces it will come.

Out with you isn’t funny at least 15 please then put them all in a clean bowl and add some basil leaves and mix them all in a grater then take it where the juice that came out of it.

And applied on your hand or your face and look at the dry completely as it takes about ten minutes then we move it in circular motions and.

Wash your face or your hand we should use this three times a week and your unwanted hand will get fuller and thinner and.

It will fall out by itself that was it for today’s video don’t forget to subscribe and there’s.
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