2gt Live! [tech News Weekly] – Thursday, November 9th

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls thank you so much for joining us again on our weekly news and tech this is two guys tech I’m rich that is John and shall we get started with the news my friend oh yes all right let’s do it I get to go first so slig locks she leg makes they make door.

Locks right yes no they do um we have been big fans of the show like connectline made tons of smart home videos about them yeah all z-wave stuff so far and you know I’m talking about I implore you to go to our YouTube channel check out.

Some of our smart home 101 learn learn about smart home stuff it’ll like give you kind of a primer for this but look of two different locks yes and you know is a leg connect a z-wave lock at home my front door John’s just one in the past now uses an August lock yep made a video about it and hello there anyway so slink is now creating.

A ZigBee connect this and what makes us different from the z-wave is that it works with Amazon echoes and the eight words we’re not gonna say because they don’t.

Want anybody’s we didn’t do mine this time so why is it special well especially because Amazon is bringing two I’m sure.

You guys saw this there’s all over the news months back but their Amazon key service which is a means of letting the delivery people into your house to drop.

Off your package this smart door lock will integrate with the Amazon key service if you have a Amazon echo that has the ZigBee hub.

Built into mind you that’s the other thing um.

Anyway I have nothing but good things to say about Schlage smart connect products and if.

Thinking about letting a stranger in your house to drop off a package and lunch leg left leg allow that to happen yeah so.

You might right now that door locks on Amazon for $199 by itself which is I think about the same price is the the z-wave one you know probably give or take some or for two hundred and sixty nine dollars you sir and you at home can get a package deal.

With Amazon for their Amazon Cloud cam so.

You can watch the delivery guy rob you blind I think you.

Have to have the camera in the service you probably do like to be honest with you it just seems like such an absurd thing that I haven’t really investigated the time to look into it because I think if you ever.

Items stole off your porch enough shearling to give it a try fair enough I there’s there’s plenty of logical reasons for it not to mention the fact that it would say I was on a ton of money if they didn’t have to resend packages for free because you.

Don’t want to alienate your customers when they get thieved right yeah I mean when I built my first PC you had a giant 34 inch LED monitor sitting on my porch with a giant picture of it right in front of a school and I.

Was amazed it was there when I got home so in that case I think I’d be okay with someone saying this but I think I’d be okay with someone having access to my house and.

Putting that inside because it’s the profession it is their job and you have them on camera but if I’m not in a high theft area I don’t think I’d be comfortable with it yeah I think you have.

A couple packages still I think it’d be okay with it yeah it depends right however I think that if I was to do it like I said earlier I would try to screw with the delivery.

Guys like make things like spring out at them and you know it gets put on the blacklist yeah that immediately like do not are now delivering they’re.

Like clear our camera back look here’s your money you just throw it at me yeah so another question how about this is ZigBee mm-hmm what’s going on with z-wave now well you know that’s huge ziwei this is a closed protocol that you have to spend money to have.

Access to so why pay for both what do you mean do you have to pay for ZigBee for access no seabees like an.

Open standard so the crystal I think that they will continue because they’re any priority pay.

For it you know think they got it so I don’t know if your slaves gonna make more see you wave I mean I.

Don’t think it cost them anything to you know their custom development I’m not saying there’s no cost involvement as far as like the benefit for their product line yeah the time with Amazon I mean that’s gonna bring them lots of happy customers because people love their there that.

Goes right they love the dots I mean why would you miss out on that market it sure.

I mean all fairness it wasn’t until.

I bought into the Phillips Hughes products in experience the Sigma B that I was like oh maybe it was a little harsh close historically pretty.

Harsh on it for a lot of really well-thought-out reasons you.

Know but also you know I hadn’t had any products of my own and then the Phillips she was product lying just completely just painted it right yeah they did do it and they they charge you through the nose for it yes did you you know what’s thinking maybe this is the death.

Of z-wave slowly but I mean lock no yeah no in theory you could but you could only operate one or two exactly but I what I mean is like you couldn’t have two separate systems controlling it because I think.

They are they fused one of the other like sure you know any installer that could be a little switch next look bad or something she like listen to this guy he’s got great idea well it cost you guys anything just send send John the.

Lock for some reviewing anyway so that was big news because we we have a we have an emotional connection with Bush leg products as we’ve been using for a long time yes so moving on all right so I would like to talk about the iPhone XR which.

We talked about whatnot last week we’re talking about when I first came after the Apple event we talked about it now no actually was it very recently though like where everyone was like this phone should be.

The big is really good I mean it’s cheaper than buying the thousand dollar then thousand plus 12 minus a 12 of us yeah so anyway let’s talk about the iPhone hexa okay I was hoping.

That this would be the Apple iPhone to buy because I am sick of them charging the price of a laptop for a phone and I get it a lot of people don’t.

Need home computers anymore I mean listen.

Unless you need a desktop for your work like video editing or gaming or you know whatever you do no hum you need a desktop for that I mean everyone should have.