How To Make A Fan Edit Ios Apps Only Iphone And Ipad

Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new subscribe Kosova kitchen bow and today we’re gonna be doing a fan at it and these two apps is video start and along with to something like that and these two apps are I oh s only and not on Android and you could do this on both I mean iPhone.

And iPad but like how I said you can use these these apps are not on Android so let’s get started with this so we’re gonna be pressing automotive just plus.

You are gonna be pressing in library or you could press shoot whatever you want and I’m oppressed all my photos and I’m gonna pick this check and pick your own songs.

Have to put this name song and I am gonna put can’t put two songs and if it does not.

Work you have to press another song I don’t think this woman’s gonna like doesn’t take you forever I’m just gonna press another song I’m gonna.

Be putting what was it card with us a cut.

Okay if they go like that okay just I know I like that song so this is it’s just gonna be processing so during its processing down here you get to go like this and you get a pull wherever you are I like mine right here and let’s press this you’re done I put yes it’s just exporting off this and it says it’s been on your camera roll the next app is gonna be video star this it’s only for.

My cat I said it’s only for iOS here’s your video done here and here it is we’re gonna be playing it and where you want the beat is very come on right there we’re just gonna make a video okay and then this here I want to start already with it so you’re gonna be pressing this plus and that you get a go I am gonna be pressing this music one like this yeah I like it no like like this and then you’re gonna put it.

All the way down for the Condor we put respect it’s starting and what you.

Then I’m stopping where I don’t.

Want it no more and you could just put them like right there okay then let’s see it I started right here and then I paused and then I’m gonna add my new one.

Right here so and then my gonna be down here and I do this world yeah I’m gonna do the swirl okay and then you press me effect and where you wanted a star you could do it all right starting like here and.

Then I’m a positive right there and then it’s processed I did right now it’s gonna be starting again I started mine right here and then I pause the end and I switch stitch and then I put it back and then press reinfect in it and it is gonna start right here and then I pause and twist it put it back and then I.

Would do this oh okay and then we are gonna be watching it this is where.

I’m gonna stop started okay guys so you are gonna be pressing this X.

And this is your theme and then press down here this one and then I am going to be sending to my camera roll and then put sent it’s gonna be putting creating video to it.

Okay so it’s done so I am gonna be posting this on tik-tok so if.

You do not follow me mine and let me guess I forgot.

Mine so let me just find my tech-talk my desk okay mine is right there so.

Follow me so I’m gonna be fretting this like if you.

Don’t like this on no more like if you want to change it I want to take you back as I couldn’t find the song that I wanted you could always change it look I hate took off.

My song so yeah I am gonna be pushing this so thanks for watching this video give us a big thumbs up into this video and bye see you in the next video.