Best & Worst Of Beauty: October '18

Hello everyone and welcome to everybody’s favorite time of the month is it I don’t know but it’s a bit of fun here we’re doing my best and worst of beauty for the month of October I hope you all had a wonderful month for me it was certainly better than September so I had a good month of October I.

Went to Las Vegas I saw my best friend’s had a great time there have.

Been really busy with work and just overall learning to be happy again and I do I feel really good I got Fitbit I think that’s been helping you know do you remember like I just have been feeling good and I hope you all.

Have been feeling the same I’m hoping we can continue this momentum into November but first we have to talk about some bad products we’re gonna start.

At the bottom of my pyramid we’re gonna talk about some not-so-great products that I was using or testing or trying at this month and.

Then we’re gonna climb our way on up the pyramid go from the worst up to the best at least what I think was the best in beauty of this past month for you know what I discovered anyways and.

I’m excited to take you guys along with me these videos are always very long so I’m gonna quit my rambling and then get into some more rambling but about actual beauty products.

So let’s go ahead and sing this line together and then we can go ahead and do just that it’s the best and worst of beauty whether good or bad.

Right you guys bottom of the pyramid this is a sad one I wanted this product to work I really did but unfortunately it just it doesn’t doesn’t work for me this is the a tude house proof 10 eye primer supposed to be waterproof delight on your.

Lids well I’m gonna disagree with that like I said I really wanted this to work I just think the little bottle is super duper cute not that that really matters but it does go on very nicely you know it’s like this a little too much but you know it’s a it’s a creamy pinky.

Color and then it just goes.

On to be a transparent and I really do think that it helps for eye products to go on a lot smoother on top of it.

But what this is supposed to do is to prevent creasing and fading this did not prevent creasing and fading at least not on my very the eyelids so this was a bummer I also figured if this is.

Gonna be so hard I feel like once I mean if anyone does purchase this and use it themselves how do you get the rest of it out you know cute as this little bottle is it’s not like it’s.

Flexi so like I feel like you would end up wasting a lot of product I don’t know in any case this just it didn’t it didn’t work out for me I tried so hard I tried using it alone I tried using it with.

A cream shadow on top of it I tried multiple different brands.

And kinds of cream shadows on top of it and many different brands and kinds of eyeshadows on top of it they all creased and faded with this so sorry sorry a dude house but uh bottom of the pyramid for sure but.

A very close second to the bottom I mean really I feel like these two bottom products could have been interchangeable but this one had a little bit of a redeeming quality to it I guess kind of but either way this.

Is another product I had gotten that from our band then this is also an iron product this video is not sponsored but they had sponsored a video from.

Me at the beginning of the month where I tested out a bunch of new Korean beauty products on my face and get ready with me and unfortunately some of them did not end up working some of them did but some of them did not and this is another one that did not this is the Kaelyn gel eye shadow pencil in the shade oh six mink you guys this is so so pretty it glides on.

So nicely it’s this nice like pencil you know formula and then you can just scribble it on you can leave it at that pigment or else you can kind of sheer it out and it’s like glittery sparkly I mean how freakin pretty and beautiful is that.

Let me tell you it’s gorgeous but no matter what I do this creases and fades like an absolute mofo really really badly I’ve tried multiple different eye primers I’ve tried this alone I’ve tried this with eye shadow on top of it I’ve tried this with a primer and a cream shadow and this on top of it like I’ve tried so hard because I.

The shimmer in there it just.

Looks fantastic on the eyes I had brought this with me on a trip to Vegas and I really like looking back at my vlogs which you guys will see soon don’t.

Worry they just it was a lot of footage to go through like oh this looks so pretty on my eyes.

And then throughout the day I’m like oh my god yeah that was that was a creaser crazy bugger right here so I’m sad if anyone knows of any not Creasy eyepencil things like this that are this same taupey brown color with the silver glittery shimmer to it if you know of.

One that doesn’t crease and lasts really well please let me and the rest of the casseroles out there know in the comments down below it’s to work so but it just wasn’t for me now third thing on the bottom of the pyramid I feel like quite a few of you are gonna be like ooh how dare but just.

This is a personal preference and there’s well there’s a little bit wrong with the quality of this but for the most part this is a quality product and if you like these colors you’re probably gonna love.

Is this right here this is the new at Naked palette from Urban Decay this is the at Naked cherry palette it’s got an assortment of mattes and shimmers and they’re all in the purpley Mavi berry kind of a.

Color category like I said for the most part the quality is there privacy is a terrible matte brown shade really really bad PS this was sent to me as PR I always have to mention that but obviously I’m not obligated to give.

This a good review or included in any reviews but I did.

Do a full review on this palette and another new release the elements palette from Urban Decay if you want to.

Watch that if you missed it I also did tutorials blah blah blah but you can see this palette.

In action and in swatches and whatnot caution doesn’t show up on me at all and like I said privacy is just horribly patchy and Skippy an awful on me I can’t make it work but it’s just not pleasant so for.

Me twelve shadows goes down to ten that I can use and then of those ten I feel like a I would rather have these three I mean they’re gorgeous colors they really are but like I would much rather have that in a blush palette that would be gorgeous and then what’s left I just it’s so totally similar down here one two three four five these five so similar in terms of.

It tone and if you don’t really know what that might basically.

If you took this and then took a picture or if you turned it into black-and-white like I can do here movie magic you can.

See that these in terms of like a.

Grayscale they all look very similar different sure but very similar and so when it comes to putting this on the eyes and blending it on the eyes it can look really muddy really fast that’s what you know a tonal difference or non difference means at least in terms of these eye shadow colors or whatever I talked about eye shadow colors I mean it’s with colors in general but you know so yeah like I said not a horrible palette and I know.

So many people in my review they were like Cassie I can’t believe you don’t love this palette it’s a pale person /.

Green eyed person’s dream come true I know I do like using purples and stuff on my eyes it’s just this is just a little too much for me just a little too much but you know what if you like this palette I’m happy for you like I said if you like these kinds of.

Colors I don’t know that you will be sad about it but overall it’s just not my favorite just.

Not for me and the last thing on the bottom of my pyramid here from here on out these are not bad products they.

Just could use little tweaks and improvements so I have got the powder that I have been using this past month this is another iron product that I had gotten to test this is the it is free and no sebum blur powder now I had tried the.

Original that’s not the blur powder it’s just the no sebum powder and I liked it it wasn’t.

My favorite powder ever but I did like it this one I liked it so much better it’s not perfect and it’s not my favorite powder ever but I do really like it.

And I just I think the thing that I love the most about it you know it comes with a little a little poof and everything I mean first off actually said I don’t know if I.

Just need to like stab these holes bigger or something but this doesn’t come out very well which is weird because it’s the same sifter as the other powder but yet this one does not come out as freely and goodly as the other one this one also has a slight tint to it I don’t think that that would.

Really show up on many if any people skinned it but it is something to note I do think it.

Sheers out to be kind of translucent but again just something to keep in mind.

But what I like to do with this is take the poof so that has whatever residual powder left on it and then I just like push that into my nose area because that’s where.

I get the most oily and then I tap some off into the cap and then I just dust that all over my face with a big fluffy powder brush and.

It really does a good job of just making the skin look blurred and airbrushed and nice and pretty at least I think so the only reason this is on the bottom of.

The pyramid is just that it’s not like an all-day oil control type of a thing I do end up getting oily like maybe three four hours from now I would probably want to blot my face because the powder didn’t do as good of a job as some other mattifying powders do but that being said I do think this.

Is a good powder it’s just not my favorite now moving on up the pyramid here second tier I have got the lip product that I have mainly been at wearing this month and it is this I had actually ordered this with that order from Iyer but it wasn’t I’m pretty sure I did not use this in that video I did not but I did bring this with me to.

Vegas I wanted it to be a hassle-free kind of a.

Lip color it’s one of those color-changing.

Balms this is from the brand now I thought it was just i p KN.

Someone corrected me apparently you’re supposed to actually say it like it I have no idea I apologize but this is the twinkle lips and glow color in the shade and it.

Too and like I said it is like a lip balm but then it does the color-changing type of thing so it looks quite Coralie in the.

Tube but on my lips personally it turns to like a very bubblegum II kind of a pink I think it’s really really pretty and like I said I just wanted.

Of a thing for when I was in Vegas where I didn’t have to think about it it would just go with everything and for the most part.

This is fantastic I mean the color lasts it’s very moisturizing it feels very nice going on it’s very like you know that melty plush kind of a nice nice feeling but my one gripe with this is that.

It can have a tendency to move outside of the lips and then it stains outside of your lips pink color so that was kind of unfortunate for the couple of times I wasn’t really paying attention and I was like putting it on and I just kind of blew I mean it wasn’t quite that severe but uh but it’s just one thing to keep in mind I think the packaging is really cute I read it’s just it’s really nothing special but I think it’s cute.

And yeah for the most part really really like this like said I just have to be careful with it so that it’s not going all over my.

Face and that the color stays on my lips where I want eat what do you think he says I don’t give a rat’s bottom about what’s on your face I wanna hunt hunt the squirrels okay thank you do you.

Next up here I know I’m sorry I think yes this is the last thing that came.

From that IR video but I really did I wanted to.

Test out a bunch of this stuff and give it more than a first impressions in that.

Get ready with me video and really test it throughout the month and one of the products that has been like a.

Shining star and like wow product it is this concealer from cause rx oh my goodness this is the clear fit spot concealer I have the shade number 21 a bright beige I like that the directions are very succinct apply on the spot area and apply I do you guys this stuff is so freakin.

Heavy-duty I know I have got a spot on my nose you know we all have our drawbacks we all have our missteps in our journeys and I had a picking slip-up.

I know I know it’s bad I get it but you know what it is what it is and I am moving forward and it is healing so I’ve been using this concealer.