Nasty Baby Food Challenge

Hey let me tell you know from the tato force boom don’t rip it out any kind of way listen I don’t know be honest would you why not it’s all do I not know what it is no not one of those just already bags from up the show even open it alright yeah thank you just slide your nose.

Oh Charlotte you don’t see it all bags on the Shelf up there oh god I’m scared oh wow right now dogs get oh oh oh God go get – games I can see what do you think oh okay.

You must I want to know I just wanna know is you just use yeah okay I got a magic yeah yes you gave your dad yeah you listen dad yeah then even unsure we all know saying that is banana [Laughter] you guys know you got so wrong yeah wait I don’t trust y’all now anyway that’s weak that’s the same way you didn’t get it you see that it was only the.

Labels on all of them you posed to get me to distinguish the tape you move my back so I got to to writing that’s wrong huh I got to get all these right what is.

A soldier baby yah oh we got all day period no it was care my clothes No Oh.

Do you love it yes there you are laughs Danny now I’m filming this one didn’t it talk yeah no I’m glad you oh oh watch must be not shit shit oh no that’s peach that’s what it was yes they do.

It tight like a fruit Oh death finish oh this.

Shit got me Phyllis nasty boy thinking okay who’s down there telly you act really great – so yells banana you got bananas oh my god I’m ready I’m waiting come over God now for familiar idea yeah holy oh my girl no dual actually well you’re out to be it for.

Okay yeah you ready yeah yeah baby what is okay you know gyrus believe not listen.

Man I don’t know what it was that’s it I’ve never tasted that before my life I can’t identify oh yes you did it I don’t know what it tastes like what was that that’s why no man yes you tell me you know.

Miguel right okay see is he gonna be a sore loser you want I watch out I’m coming I want y’all to spam the tummy and sing and comedies punish me yeah do you get a punishment for these team.