Life N Style : Interview With Stephanie Clote

Okay and in the studio with me we have Stephanie Clinton and let’s say good morning to this awesomely powerful woman good morning Stephanie good morning my dear and good morning to the listeners and thank you very much for inviting me that’s an honor and a privilege to be here this morning well it’s definitely you know we are absolutely.

Proud to have you with us in the studio and I think the message that you are gonna be sending.

Out to people it’s gonna be one but most people would like to hear but more importantly I think most people would like to feel especially those who have lost a loved one and more importantly a child and I.

Hope I never find out what that experience is gonna be like or what it is like but you are one brave mom to come in this morning and talk to us about a child that you lost and then.

Of course the grieving process and also the fact that moms or parents maybe tend to concentrate more on children who have passed on then the children that are here as well Stephanie we’re gonna get right into it and.

Ask you about this beautiful boy that he had and who’s no more no thank you very much yes it’s actually very.

Interesting that I can sit today and sit and talk about it not so long ago it was very difficult even mentioning his name because for a while I didn’t want to accept.

Reality that you know to me M he was always he was still there and I think that is what a lot of our mothers and a beer with me but not.

Just mothers we mustn’t forget.

That father’s also grief and sisters and brothers also grief but mostly.

Mothers and I think because we actually gave birth to them that is why it hits us so hard so yes it’s it’s something that you know you just said now that.

I hope it’s something I have experienced it’s something I said when I heard of youngsters die I said the very same thing before.

I actually experienced that on the 8th of September 2016 I always used to say you know what I I would I don’t know what I will do if something like that happens to me I hope I never experienced that but yet it happened to me so the message what I have learned also and the message I also want to bring across today is that unfortunately we all have to cross that road we all have to cross that road sometime are the others just that we never.

Know win and we never prepare for it because no one well.

If I have to check your back that’s actually very interesting because I’m a very staunch Christian and.

I’m a very faithful Christian and I believe and that is what also gave me the strength today as my positivity in in in life and yet don’t fall those.

Of you you can catch us right now live on Facebook as well that’s Facebook at Lotus dot F M as Stephanie tells us a story you know I’m going.

I’m actually going to start off when I was still pregnant because to me it’s a very interesting story we know I still pray pregnant the father of.

Me to go with him to Swaziland on a business trip and I was at the time I was seven months pregnant and unaware return that was in in June sometime 1987 and on our return from from Swaziland it was around about 7:00 in the evening we actually met up.