Fatshionista – 3 Easy Last Minute Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey what’s up Packers as you guys could see I am totally a barefaced which could only mean that today we’ll be playing with makeup but of course just like what the title suggests I won’t be doing just on not even two but three easy to do and easy to follow Halloween makeup looks perfect even for the last minute.

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Watching I’m coming I mean I am you so there are guys those are three easy to do.

And easy to follow Halloween makeup looks but you can actually whip up even on the last minute I really love spooky season so you know if you guys can’t tell I’m really on cloud 9 or know of all the three looks I think that this is the one that is like my favorite obviously it’s the one that I chose for the ending sequence of this video it’s kind.

Of like the book of life slash Coco inspired by beau the other los mangos makeup look and I actually really love it it’s so easy to do ask you guys have probably seen in my video and you know I both love those movies the book of life is so cool and in terms of Coco well let’s just say that a certain adult cried like a baby inside the cinema so while watching.

The movie guilty as charged so I’m sorry if I’m not able to upload more makeup looks for this Halloween season and.

You know to produce more you know just like Halloween related spooky stuff related content for this month but you know some things came up like I went to see.

One of my like favorite boy bands ever a one to their reunion tour last October 21 you know at the Kia theater by the way that vlog is still not anything.

And I have not uploaded it yet so I’ll probably upload it after this one which.

Is kind of weird because that one came first and the Sun came last.

Or like later but you know that’s like what throwback Thursdays are for right or flashback Fridays or something like that and it’s currently our midterm examination first you girl has to close but all my energy in there for a while I love it Sumeet visited once in a while or like fine time to.

Even shoot videos because I’m reviewing or you know at least trying to read so anyway I hope you guys like those three looks and just in case you guys are planning to recreate.

Some of these looks or take some inspiration from it feel free to do so and tag me on Instagram so that’s it you guys you guys like this video don’t forget to give it a.

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