Ke Fitness Issaquah

Hey guys Dan and Alex here you’re probably wondering why we are standing outside of a random building here in its squat freezing well it’s because we have an exciting announcement for you guys we have teamed up and we are bringing to you guys the premier golf Fitness golf instruction location in the northwest it’s gonna be located right here.

In Issaquah so as far as cutting edge is concerned it’s.

Another cutting edge fitness location here in Issaquah all the great stuff that we bring you guys in Kirkland with a little bit of a twist offering way more golf Fitness and.

Golf instruction which Alex can talk about John yeah for the last three or four years dan and.

I have been trying to combine forces and we finally found the perfect home here in Issaquah we’re gonna have three track beyond stimulators in there a really cool indoor putting green plus being able to combine forces with cutting-edge to really make our golfers the fastest strongest most durable golfers out there here in the northwest.

Couldn’t be more excited to do this we have a great team of instructors that can help across all spectrums.

Of the game yeah we’re really excited to bring the whole team approach we’ve also.

Partnered with Ben and Maggie green Wade of Eastside ideal health they’re gonna be in the location as well so we really feel like this is gonna be a.

One-stop shop for all things golf and fitness here in the northwest.

If you guys want to more information just hop on either one of our mailing lists on either one of our websites or you guys know us you set us up email us we’ll.

Keep you guys in the loop that estimation opening date.

Is gonna be sometime in January or early February so stay in the loop and we’ll we’ll let you guys know stay tuned.