Coconut Oil, Honey & Apple Cider Vinegar

Let’s talk about coconut oil you may have used it in the past for cooking but did you know this oil may have an enormous amount of potential benefits for your health and wellness let’s talk about three great things you can use coconut oil for hair conditioner coconut oil can be used to gently condition your hair while staying away.

From unnecessary chemicals you can make your very own coconut oil conditioner at home using simple ingredients like.

Essential oils water and fresh coconut oil skin moisturizer since coconut oil have.

Properties it can work as natural lotion to keep your skin feeling healthy and clean Plus coconut oil works as an antibacterial solution which makes it great for both cleansing and moisturizing oral health believe it or not coconut oil can be great for your teeth by reducing bacteria.

In your mouth this can be achieved by oil pulling the process of swirling coconut oil in your mouth for about 15 minutes.

And rinsing for more recipes and do-it-yourself instructions for creating your own coconut oil-based products visit the pure formulas healthy happenings blog thanks for watching you you.