Natural Foods Your Baby Will Love | Perez Hilton

Hey guys it’s market day Rathbun I’m certified as a nutritional therapy practitioner I’m also the creator of authentic self wellness calm and a contributor for parody dose com so I want to take a moment and tell you about some of my favorite authentic foods that are perfect for feeding your older baby when I say older baby I mean.

Nine to twelve months old now these are foods that are rich in nutrients.

That taste good most babies love them and they’re going.

To help your baby grow up to be healthy and strong so let’s talk about some of my favorite fruits now peaches are delicious I think they’re fantastic to give to older babies because they’re soft they’re juicy they’re easy to chew and they’re easy to digest now peaches are loaded with.

Nutrients they have vitamins b3 beta-carotene vitamin C.

They’re good source of folate calcium.

Iron and like I said they’re delicious another fruit that I love to give older babies is apricots now apricots are full of vitamins A vitamin C they’ve got a.

Lot of fiber and potassium and these are all very.

Important nutrients to include in your baby’s diet as they’re growing in addition to the peaches and the apricots bananas now you can take them with you anywhere they’re very portable I love their consistency.