Canned Goods: Warehouse Shopping Vs. Grocery Store Shopping

Hey y’all it’s Colin from hip to save calm and I am back today to talk about warehouse shopping normally I’m not too big on it because I mean I use coupons and honestly there’s a lot of great deals banned at the grocery store however I have learned that buying bulk canned goods out of warehouse club is gonna like.

Save you so much money I mean as much as ninety percent and even I’m I’m even talking about when you stack a coupon with a sale at a grocery store you.

Still will likely save more buying all canned goods at the warehouse clubs so I’m kind of gonna go through some of the main ham goods I’ll buy out the warehouse club that I use at my house in my household and kind of how to store them and show you the savings because it’s significant it’s huge our family goes through green beans pretty quickly because I like to just snack and I’m cold and so I usually buy.

One can and put them in mason jars that will last about a week in the fridge because obviously you’re breaking a seal so they’re not gonna sit in the fridge forever what’s also nice is you can go in on it with a.

Just split the can if you know you’re not going to eat it within you know a week I got my notes here if I calculated this which.

Went to Albertsons which is our local grocery store and compared prices and it just it blew my mind so for green beans the cost of this can this big 101 ounce can at Costco is.

99 the cost of this can which is.

Is 159 regularly priced at Albertsons when you buy two of these little cans you’re basically paying the exact same as you would for the big ham I mean look at the difference it’s insane you’re getting the big ham for three cents per ounce you’re getting these cans for 11 cents per ounce so that’s a huge 73 percent.

Savings alright so another cans good item that you may want to and warehouse club is crushed tomatoes diced tomatoes on the root for tomato sauce etc the price difference is in same here so I.

Mean it doesn’t even make sense to go to the grocery store so the this huge large container of crushed Tomatoes is 2 dollars and 89 cents at Costco for a hundred and seven ounce can so at very large can this can right here which is only 28 ounces is 3 dollars a 19 cents so this is more money than this need i say more seriously and i know it’s a little bit intimidating i’m gonna get a big pan like this.

Cuz you’re like cam not gonna use it all i’m gonna open it and then what basically I just take freezer bags and I like to measure out how much I’m putting in that way I know for recipes like.

If I’m making tomato sauce how much is in each freezer bag so I just put two cups in each bag then you can just obviously label them with a permanent marker and just say like tomato sauce in the.

Date so if your kiddos eat tons of canned fruit you definitely want to check out the warehouse clubs because it just doesn’t make sense to ball by the smaller cans especially if they’re going through it like in their lunches or just for snacks and stuff like that so let’s do the cost comparison here.

I got Dole pineapple chunks and I also have the smaller Dole pineapple.