Bumgenius Freetime Cloth Diaper Review

Hey guys Paul here and today I am going to do a cloth diaper review on the bum genius free time the bunch in your free time is an all-in-one diaper I have said this before I am NOT a fan of pocket diapers I do not like them the free time has to Sonnen collapse so you just layer them.

This is a one size diaper so for Lennon I use it all the way open because it’s a little bit bigger and for London I use it on the first.

Set of rice snap so it doesn’t be the first or the second I don’t know whatever not the smallest setting but the one in between so that’s how I use it for London this pattern is called love and I love it I only have one of these the rest of my stash of bum genius three times are mostly plain solid colors and then I.

Have three of the bum genius three time in Albert bum genius wise we only have free time diapers we don’t have any of.

The others they have been very good to us they did not start leaking until recently and only overnight because the twins sleep through the night it was holding for London a little longer than for Lenin Lenin started leaking.

Through them probably at about seven months old and London just recently like two to three weeks ago so yeah people I to me that’s the only con to this diaper is that they are leaking overnight it’s not holding overnight so if you have a suggestion on how to make this whole double night I mean if you think.

A soaker would work I would.

Be open to that so you know comment below let me know what you think I love that I don’t have to stuff this diaper I.

Love that it’s not super bulky it’s pretty trim for a cloth diaper at least for me I feel like it doesn’t cause like a lot of bulk yes that’s it and no bloat we haven’t had any blowouts in this diaper it’s been really good to us.

On no doesn’t take rocket science to put on this diaper so yeah that is all I have to say about the bum genius free time.

It’s a fantastic diaper and it makes up for about 50% of our diapers – and of the ones I have it’s probably my favorite except for the sustainable babyish overnight footage but for daily use this is this is what we use the most so thanks for watching guys bye.