Canning Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce

Hello Arif DBMS coming at you today with a good use for cherry tomatoes ever thought about making can cherry tomato pasta sauce how we do we like it it’s pretty easy to do and it’s a good use for all those cherry tomatoes take about the tablespoon here of salt I like sea salt get yourself some either Italian mix.

Or some oregano seasoning I like a good tablespoon of it you can use a little more or a little.

Less – paying upon you know how much you like trying to get this all kind of.

Prepared out so you can see everything.

Here I’ve got the numerous pounds of cherry tomatoes and I guess it’s just kind of a visual thing but I like probably somewhere around 8 to 10 quarts of cherry tomatoes.

I’m putting in this bowl here a little bit of a garlic powder get a good teaspoon in I’m also going to put a teaspoon of basil in here this recipe I like to use uses some eggplant uses some peppers some onions good 8 to 10 quarts worth of cherry tomatoes works for me I like to take.

The eggplant as you can see.

Here and just peel them up Japanese eggplant doesn’t.

Really matter which ones just get some nice dark purple ones take the ends off take all the skins off so you’re left with just the eggplant this actually adds a little bit of substance to the can cherry tomato pasta and I really like it this pasta once we’re.

Done canning it’ll last us probably a year to two years in the cans and that’s really nice it works really good now if you don’t add the.

Eggplant to this you’re technically adding mostly acidic foods.

And you can do the actual canning with just a regular canner because I’m adding the eggplant and it’s not an acidic food I’ll probably pressure cook this just to make sure it stays really really fresh in the.

Jars and doesn’t spoil on us over the storage period so again just you know chop up the eggplant like dad did here works.

Really good doesn’t really have to be anything scientific to this because we’re just going to blend it all together anyways I like to take a whole onion some people like vidalias I don’t really care for me the white onion works you can add more onion if you want more onion flavor but one whole onion seems to work really good for me so just going to chop this up once I get done chopping this up I’ll have pretty much everything ready I’ll probably chop these peppers up.

Too as long as I’m I’m here will kind.

Of keep this going in fast motion here so that you’re not bored by us just chopping things up so at this point I’ve got about probably eight quarts of cherry tomatoes mostly red some aren’t quite there but you know make it work it.

Won’t really make a difference I’ve got um three larger eggplant all chopped up.

I’ve got again the tablespoon of salt a good tablespoon of either Italian seasoning or oregano whatever you like and then about a teaspoon of basil in there again it’s it’s.

Kind of preference on that and then a teaspoon of garlic powder you can add some other spices if you’d like but this is the recipe that I like to make so I’ve got all the onions done here we’re going to take some green bell peppers now if you want this hotter certainly feel free to bring in the pepper types of jalapenos and so forth.