A Day In The Life Of My Instant Pot

Hey guys Neely here just wanted to show you real quick a couple things I’m doing in my instant pot this morning it’s only what six o’clock just about six o’clock and I’m already just finishing using it the first time and I’m about to throw a sweet potato and to use it a second time so obviously I use this.

Thing a lot multiple times a day usually so the first thing I’m making.

In here that just went to keep warm is oatmeal and I have done oatmeal directly in in the silver insert in here and it doesn’t always work for me and I think the reason is because it’s too thick and the it’s not able to get up to pressure well enough so I have started doing the pot in pot method and so you put water down on the bottom and then you.

Put the little trivet in and then you take a glass or a metal bowl and you put your oats in your water and whatever else you want in there in that bowl and then set it on top of the trivet and cook it that way instead of directly.

On the heat and that seems to work really well then you can use the steam function because.

You don’t have food directly touching the bottom you’re never supposed to.

Use the steam function if you have food directly touching the bottom so I’m gonna open this up real quick and then show you what that looks like and there you can see me the oats in the glass bowl and then the trivet here has the little handles and it’s cooked pretty perfectly on the steam function for six minutes so depending on how you like your oats you can cook them for less or.

More but I found that six minutes for this amount worked pretty well so now I’m gonna go ahead and pull these oats out and I’m gonna put in my sweet potato this is gonna be used for baby food for my six month old she loves sweet potatoes it’s her favorite and I mix it with an egg yolk that I of course I hard-boiled the eggs in my instant pot too so I have those in the fridge that I did last night can I take.

An egg yolk out and mash it with some sweet potato and she loves those loves that so I am going to put this in on the steam function again you already.

Have the water down there and I’m gonna put in my vegetable steamer this is just a real basic vegetable steamer that I think I got.

Added gosh sell for 50 cents or something a long time ago so basically I just rinsed the sweet potato and I speared it with a fork and just stuck my little vegetable steamer in here and it’s ready to go is a pretty large sweet potato and I want it really soft for.

Baby food so I’m gonna do it for 22 minutes I think that’ll probably be about enough and I can always if I do it between two minutes and it’s not enough I can always just put the lid back on and it comes up to pressure pretty fast again since it’s already hot.

So put it on for a few more minutes and see how it turns out so I’m just gonna hit steam and all increase the time to 22 minutes and make sure this is over on sealing and don’t start in just a sec there it goes and then I’ll come up to pressure and start counting down the 22 minutes once it’s up to.

Okay I got busy and just left my sweet potato here it’s been on keep warm milk for an hour and nine minutes so it’s definitely gonna be real soft in there and this is gonna be quick because.