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And hey guys this is Nina and I’m back with another video I know it’s so much right now and your skin gets really affected you’re in summer so you are I am sharing with you a few tips that will help you take your fiscal year in summer when it gets done so tip number one guys drink a lot.

Of water teachers at hydrated what would happen if you drink a lot of water is all the toxins from your body.

Will flush out and your skin some really do tip number two is cleansing a joint summer we tend to wash off a – a lot of times this will.

You know make us can really Drive so I would request you to use a foam face wash which has amino acid tip number three guides with rough eyes on his face the fourth line makeup this is like a really dry detective I usually do this during summer it will also help your makeup stay for a long time tip number four diet apply sunscreen before you step out of the house any supplements perform so these were a.

That will make the season really enjoyable and if you have any much it you let.

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